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Weekly Words from Mrs Heywood

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mrs Heywood of the week gone by.  Read below recent messages from the Head's desk and previous word's from former Head Mr Bevis.

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  • Mrs Heywood's Words Autumn 3

    Published 22/09/17, by Admin

    This week we were delighted to hold our annual Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony where over nine hundred pupils and invitees attended this prestigious event. The afternoon featured a lively Russian Melody performed by our school ensemble and a moving contemporary performance from Cassie Halpin and Josh Morgan. The school was also pleased to welcome back former pupil, Lord James O’Shaughnessy as guest speaker who presented pupils with their awards highlighting the many successes of the past academic year.

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  • Mrs Heywood's Words Autumn 2

    Published 15/09/17, by Admin

    It has been another busy week as we settle down to the routine of the school day. One thing to report with some pleasure this week was the brilliant way in which our Year 10s took on the challenge of their final assessed expedition over the weekend for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. It was great to see them working with previous familiar peers, getting to grips with relating map to ground, putting up a tent and cooking a meal from scratch and coping with the difficult weather conditions. I witnessed first hand their happy faces as they walked through Cookham Moor and saw the huge benefit that young people gain from their involvement in such a diverse scheme.

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  • Mrs Heywood's Words Autumn 1

    Published 08/09/17, by Admin

    Welcome back after what I hope has been a very enjoyable summer holiday.

    A particular warm welcome to our new starters to the school, pupils, parents and staff and I ask our girls and parents to give them the characteristic friendly welcome that we at Claires Court pride ourselves on and support them as they get used to a new school and an unfamiliar environment. As one of the oldest serving members of staff here, I can honestly say that this is the friendliest, most welcoming school I have ever had the pleasure of working in, and I am proud to be Head Teacher of the Senior Girls. It has been wonderful to see over the last three days the school bursting with life and energy again. The cardboard boxes have been emptied, painters ladders removed and computers restored (well nearly).

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  • Mr Bevis' Words Week 12

    Published 14/07/17, by Admin

    Nine days that encapsulate Senior Girls and an educational career...

    The last nine days have encapsulated all that Claires Court Senior Girls are about. They have demonstrated to the full the characteristics and essence of our young people, and why it is a privilege to work with them.

    The tunes from the musical “We Will Rock You” are still reverberating around my head as are the images of so many bravura performances.. but I spoke about that last week so we should move on.

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  • Mr Bevis' Words Summer 11

    Published 07/07/17, by Admin

    We sang, we rocked we conqured, we seek adventure and we celebrate our competitive spirit. 

    A colleague who has been with Claires Court for many a year said to me.... “I have been attending shows at Claires Court for more than 30 years and this is the best I have ever seen”. I have only been here for six years so my opinion lacks the gravitas of history but I could not have agreed more. The “We will Rock You” theatre experience was an exuberant celebration of the enthusiasm and passion young people bring to performance when they are engaged, trusted and trained.

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  • Mr Bevis' Words Summer 10

    Published 30/06/17, by Admin

    Medieval matters, great athletic endeavour, game set and match... and what's on my horizon?

    Our Main Hall was ringing with the clash of swords and the clank of armour as Year 7 had a whole day of experiencing and learning what life was like in Medieval times - finding about dress, food, social mores and how surgeons dealt with injuries and all things military. They will be following up and reflecting on their experiences in next week’s lesson, and how it links to their final project.

    It has been a week of athletic endeavour and success. Having reached the finals of the RBWM Athletics Championships we were delighted that our Year 7 and Year 8 combined team finished in second place from over 10 school teams across the Borough. In addition five Year 7s  were selected to represent RBWM at the Berkshire County Athletics Championships and we came away with two silvers and two 5th places. It is such a testament to the quality of teaching and coaching that we squeeze so much achievement from our youngsters.

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  • Mr Bevis' Words Summer 9

    Published 23/06/17, by Admin

    A week of efforts rewarded, responsibilities confirmed and creativity and boldness shining through...

    A great week .........

    Eight senior girls were selected to represent London West at the National ISA Athletics Championships and we returned with 14 individual and relay medals, including 8 golds. Athletics success was also forthcoming in the local RBWM Knight Frank League. This year we entered two teams into the Y7&8 competitions to enable all girls who attended after school athletics club to enjoy the experience of competition.  Not even schools with over 200 girls in a year group entered two teams, and this just typifies our commitment to participation and excellence.  The Y7&8 team qualified through to the finals even though our top athletes were competing in the  ISA National Finals on the same day.

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  • Mr Bevis' Words Summer 8

    Published 16/06/17, by Admin

    Achievement - a triumph at the regional athletics and beyond, senior prefects announced and Year 10 see Sixth Form life.

    School summer terms are often focussed on achievement  - end of year exams, GCSEs, athletics competitions, academic awards......... et al. With exam grade cards coming home on Friday it seemed an opportune time to reflect in assembly on the nature of achievement. We considered was it about winning, gaining an exam grade, or reaching the top? Whilst it was clear that that could represent an achievement it may not. Similarly with the some of the more bizarre ‘world records’ in the famous Guinness Book - for example was having the longest fingernails really an achievement! After analysing most of the dictionary definitions we concluded that it had to involve effort, striving, determination as the means to succeeding or reaching an objective.

    So when your daughter brings home that grade card (limited to exam outcomes only) please focus on how they have tried and strived rather than just grade outcomes.

    It was a delight however to announce that we had an amazing set of results at the London West ISA Athletics where both Senior Girls and Junior Girls won their sections and we were therefore overall winners against 27 other schools. We were so proud that all that effort and striving after school has lead to such a fantastic outcome. On top of that we achieved two 1sts  and a 3rd place at the Berkshire County Athletics, with both of our winners gaining the qualification for English School Athletic Association Track & Field Championships - the blue ribbon event or school athletes. Our two stars are Robyn Watkins, competing in the Under 17 800m and Rachel Okoro in the Under 15 Long Jump (whilst only an Under 14. The Championships take place 6/7 July at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham.

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  • Mr Bevis' Words Summer 7

    Published 09/06/17, by Admin

    Read on to hear about Senior Girls General Election, our marvellous GCSE Art & Textiles Exhibition, and how we have helped our young people deal with the aftermath of the  recent terrorist attacks.

    Election Result 8 June 2017... votes cast were..

    Labour     42 (30.9%)  Conservative 68 (50%) Liberal Democrats  8 (5.9%) UKIP 18 (13.2%)

    Well not what you have been seeing on your TV screens if you have been up all night, or risen in the early hours, but how Claires Court Senior Girls (and staff) have voted. After some invigorating campaigning and election speeches from the party representatives this was the outcome with the Conservatives being the largest party but without an overall majority (68 votes to 68), after a turnout of  92%. Scarily this pretty much mirrored the outcome in that other election.........

    I would like to congratulate all of the candidates  for their great work and dedication to a hard but fair fight. More importantly of course it has been a great opportunity to bring national politics and the nature and characteristics of our parliamentary democracy into school in a very real way.

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  • Mr Bevis' Words Summer 6

    Published 26/05/17, by Admin

    This week - revealing our senior appointments, pupil voice goes party political and we join a national reflection in silence and stillness.

    It has been a week in which political matters have collided quite sharply in the consciousness of the Senior Girls School. In assembly on Monday I gave an update on the election and a brief summary of the main points from each of the political party manifestos. It was interesting to note that many of the main promises were quite similar in nature; albeit different in degree. The real diversity was in how any initiative was to be funded. On Tuesday we had to postpone our planned election hustings as a result of the terrible events in Manchester, and tutors were asked to lead discussions with their tutor groups designed to explain and to reassure. To explain once again the sickening randomness of terrorist murders, to explain that any claimed religious justification was completely rejected by faith leaders, and to reassure pupils that such acts of terrorism were actually very rare.

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  • Mr Bevis' Words Summer 5

    Published 19/05/17, by Admin

    High emotion at Year 11 Final Assembly, high kicks at the PTA Ball and Claires Court goes to the hustings. 

    A strangely quiet week.... as Years 7-9 bend their backs and their pens to exams and Year 10 get their papers back. The follow on period from exams is just as important as the exams themselves with pupils identifying areas of the syllabus they hadn’t really understood first time round, or reflecting on how effective their revision strategies or efforts may have been... or not.

    One group within our community who can reflect on an excellent strategy and an enormous amount of hard work are the members of the PTA Ball Committee. Those of us that attended last Saturday, suitably disguised with traditional Venetian masks or various iterations of superheroes, had a wonderful time. With good food, good conversation and an invigorating band who could not have enjoyed themselves. To plan, prepare and then execute a fabulous evening for over 375 guests is not achieved in the blink of an eye - indeed they have already hit the ground running for next year. Anna, Gail, Felipe, Tina and Susannah - thank you so much.

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  • Mr Bevis' Words Summer 4

    Published 12/05/17, by Admin

    Wise words on exams, from Khalil Gibran and a special day for Year 11

    Today is quite a special day. It is a day when we celebrate the final day when Year 11 will be together as a group of pupils. From Monday they are on study leave and be in and out of school to undertake final revision with teachers and sitting their exams, but rarely all together. We think it is important that we celebrate all that our most senior pupils have given to us, and how we have all worked together, teachers and pupils, in a common endeavour.

    But more of that later..

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