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Miss Barlow's Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Miss Barlow of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Lent 7

    Published 24/02/17, by Admin

    “Take every chance, drop every fear and always reach for the stars!”

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Lent 6

    Published 10/02/17, by Admin

    “Take every chance, drop every fear and always reach for the stars!”

    This week was all about the Dance Show! Well, that is not strictly true; we still taught the girls (lots in fact!) and competed in the London West ISA Regional Tournament. But I cannot let the success of the bi-annual Dance Show pass by without it’s own feature in our weekly bulletin…

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Lent 5

    Published 03/02/17, by Admin

    This week has been National Storytelling Week and the girls have been telling stories, hearing stories and writing stories. One of the highlights was when the older classes visited the younger classes to share stories. 20170201_133649.jpgAs well as this, every class have been encouraged to tell stories in a variety of ways. Year 6 decided to use Rap to tell a story linked to their topic of ‘The Unexplained’ (you can see a video of this below) and the class were took part in a storytelling activity which invited them to jump in to take on a character from the story of Chun Ping.

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Lent 4

    Published 27/01/17, by Admin

    As the Dance Show gets ever closer, rehearsals are in full swing (as I am sure you are all aware!) But, as always, other exciting activities in the classroom continue to happen and this week has been no exception.

    IMG_1283.JPGIn Reception, the class became scientists this week; learning about ice, melting and also which colours can be mixed together to make blue. The girls had to find out the quickest way to melt their ice cubes to release the 5p inside.  

    In Year 1, dinosaurs are still the focus and this week the class learned about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. (By the way, the topic homework which is coming in is just fantastic!)

    The Year 2 girls are continuing to learn about castles and they have been carrying out their own research to produce factfiles. The girls have been using the Chromebooks to type up their research using Purple Mash software.

    Google Forms and surveys have been the topic of the week for Year 3. The girls created their own survey to find out which chocolate bars would be the most popular. They then emailed the Google Form to their friends at school, for them to fill in.  

    File_001.jpegI walked into the Year 4 classroom this week, just at the moment the girls were discussing, in quite some detail (!) mummification linked to their Temples and Tombs topic - very interesting indeed….!

    As well as taking a trip to the Stanley Spencer Museum today, Year 5 have been learning all about The Blitz; writing newspaper reports and comic strips to portray what happened.

    And finally, the staff have been treated to “BIDMAS” raps performed by Year 6 who have been learning about the order of operations. The girls are also continuing to enjoy their class reader, Skellig, and have produced some fantastic diary entries.

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Lent 3

    Published 20/01/17, by Admin

    “Take every chance, drop every fear and always reach for the stars!”

    DSCF0669.JPGApart from the Dance Show auditions and rehearsals, which are in full swing, this week has been another successful week. The girls have played fixtures, visited Davenies for the annual General Knowledge Quiz and been transported into outer space nonetheless! Year 6 have been investigating volume and surface area of cubes and cuboids- it was a challenging task but the girls did brilliantly! The girls in Year 5, travelled to Junior Boys to learn about space in the Learning Dome. In Year 4, the girls have been learning about Egyptian God and have made beautiful Cartouches. Year 3 endured the ultimate test in Science this week! They had the task of holding a piece of chocolate in their mouth and finding out how long it tooDSC00172.JPGk to melt. Some held it in their mouths for a few minutes I’m told - I’m not sure I could have done this! Year 2 have worked hard to learn about speech marks in English. In maths, multiplication arrays was the focus with many girls solving word problems involving repeated addition. In Year 1, as well as visiting the learning dome to learn about how the world started, Miss Sadler fought off dinosaurs and some of the amazing homework projects have been coming in already! Reception created a cinema and the girls used their maths skills to solve the problem of not having enough money to buy everything on offer!!! (Sweets = 2p, Popcorn = 2p, drink = 3p….. Each girl had 5p to spend. What could they buy?)

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Lent 2

    Published 13/01/17, by Admin

    During this first full week, the girls have been learning many new and interesting things. Year 6 have been looking closely at a short film: “Alma” during English as a stimulus for some wonderfully creative writing. Year 5 have embarked on a secret mission - I really don’t know what they are doing but I am very intrigued. I think it has something to do with our marketing department. They have also been investigating World War 2 and have been writing non chronological reports. Year 4 have been investigating and building 3d shapes, cracking secret codes and exploring the differences between Ancient Egypt and Egypt today . In Year 3, through the Willy Wonka door, the girls have been using their descriptive writing skills to write about chocolate. They have also posed questions about chocolate and researched the answers. One was: “How is white chocolate made?” Year 2 took a trip to the National Archives on Thursday to look at sources from 1666 including a map of London drawn a year after the Great Fire of London. One of the girls said that, “It was the best trip she has ever been on!” Time travel is still on Year 1’s agenda and this week the girls have been learning all about the dinosaurs. They have made dinosaurs out of clay and have been learning about the habitats which they lived in. This has been much excitement!

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Lent 1

    Published 06/01/17, by Admin

    Happy New Year!

    Welcome back to a new year and a new term. We have been full of New Year’s Resolutions since returning back on Wednesday including: “being kinder to my brother”, “helping more around the house”, “improve my English skills” and “be more of a risk taker”. As always, the girls have come back full of energy and ready to take on the exciting challenges that this new term provides.

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Autumn Term Week 12

    Published 09/12/16, by Admin

    Another term passes by, and wow what a busy term it has been. (I know I say it every term…!) The girls have achieved so much in the classroom and experienced so much outside of the classroom, including: ISA Swimming, Young Voices at the Royal Albert Hall, Christmas Tree Decorating at St Luke's, Hampton Court, Living Rainforest, Stubbings Memorial, residential trips to Marchant’s Hill & Osmington Bay, Netball Tour to Newquay, Pantomime at the Theatre Royal, Maidenhead and Me Art Competition, Christmas Productions, and not to mention numerous netball and hockey matches.

    Each class has enjoyed a new topic this term and produced some exceptional work both in School and at home. Seeing the girls take ownership of their learning, and really run with an area which they are interested in has been fantastic.

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Autumn Term Week 11

    Published 02/12/16, by Admin

    SoFile_001.jpegmething magical happened this week; it has been all about the Christmas Productions! We enjoyed the Upper Junior production on Wednesday evening and again on Thursday afternoon along with the Lower Juniors. For both “Hey Ewe” and “Ebeneezer”, the girls demonstrated superb acting and dancing skills as well rapping and some break dancing could be seen too!! As I said at the end of the performances, my face hurt from smiling. The story of the inquisitive sheep interested in the birth of baby Jesus and the story Ebeneezer Scrooge were told brilliantly and the importance of kindness and having a good heart File_000.jpegreally shone through. I never failed to be impressed by the talent and the girls’ ability to remember all of their lines and execute them so confidently. May I just take this opportunity to thank all of the staff who have helped to make our performances such a success.

    ToFile_008.jpegday in assembly, Laura from PACT spoke about how the charity helps children find their forever families. Rhiannon Thomas presented Laura with a cheque for £122 which she had raised with her friends. Laura presented Rhiannon with a certificate and a goody bag in return.

    Sporting News

    ISA Regional Swimming Gala 2016
    Congratulations to the following girls who were selected to take part in this prestigious event at the Garrison’s Pool in Aldershot:

    Harriet Taylor West, Yana Todorova, Amelie Helm, Alia Hitschmann, Eleanor Dries, Sophie Seaman, Beth Aranaz, Amelia Dixon, Rhiannon Thomas, Mia Rogers, Chloe Giles and Olivia Shepherd. A special mention to Rhiannon Thomas who won 2 gold medals in the 50m Breaststroke and 50m Freestyle. Yana Todorova also swam exceptionally well in the 50m freestyle, achieving a bronze medal. Rhiannon and Yana will now go on to represent the London West squad at the National Swimming Championships. Well done!

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Autumn Term Week 10

    Published 25/11/16, by Admin

    It seems Christmas has crept in early here at Claires Court what with the Christmas Production drawing ever closer, plus we now have Santa Cams in Lower Juniors so it’s best behaviour all round! As well as rehearsing for the Christmas productions next week and with Santa’s eyes on them, Reception have been learning about the Claires Court Essentials (collaboration, communication and risk taking) and introducing the Winnie the Pooh characters which link to each Essential.File_000.jpeg

    Year 1 have continued to learn about Maidenhead as part of their Marvellous Me topic. They visited the Sounding Arch on Tuesday to not only further their knowledge of the town but also to learn more about sounds and echoes.

    File_004.jpegIn Year 2, the girls have been focusing on their non-fiction writing about the Great Fire of London. The “Stone Shop” is now open in Year 3 and the girls have been using their problems solving skills to buy Stone Age artefacts from the shop! As part of their Never Stop Exploring Topic, Year 4 have been creating and describing characters for their adventure stories and have started to create their Never Never Lands. I am very excited to see what they create. In Year 5 the girls have been introduced to adding fractions with the same and different denominators.File_001.jpeg

    The Year 6 class have been completing a lot of work following their interesting, if a little hot, trip to the Living Rainforest.

    I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

    Miss Barlow

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Autumn Term Week 9

    Published 18/11/16, by Admin

    This week has been anti-bullying week. Each class has learned about what bullying is and how it can be stopped. The theme this year is: “The Power of Good” which was introduced to the girls in assembly on Tuesday by Miss Pelizzari.  All week, the girls have been finding lots of opportunities to use their power of good to help others. I gave each class a task: the Mannequin Challenge, representing anti-bullying week and The Power of Good; the results were brilliant. (You can see the videos on twitter). Poems have been written and drama workshops have been attended too, to help reinforce what bullying is and how we can stop it from happening. The drama workshops which Years 2-6 attended, used silent routines and music to demonstrate a bullying scenario. The class then became the director, to help change what happens in the end. Thank you to Theatre Unlimited for bringing your talented actresses to our School and for your creativity.

    Also this week, Rhiannon Thomas in Year 4, has been running different stalls each day selling a variety of things and inviting the rest of the School to take part in competitions. The reason? To help raise money for PACT; a charity which helps place children who do not have a safe and secure family with supportive and loving families, and supports them with therapeutic care. Rhiannon presented a well organised and well thought out presentation to the School last Friday and has been raising money ever since with the help of her friends. Rhiannon gave the School an update on how she had done this morning and announce the winner of the sweet jar competition. So far she has raised over £100! What an achievement!

    Christmas Pantomime Trip - Thursday 8 December

    For our Panto trip this year we will be going to Theatre Royal in Windsor to see ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Letters will be coming home next week.

    Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

    Miss Barlow

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Autumn Term Week 8

    Published 15/11/16, by Admin

    Welcome back to the second half of the term. This week I write my words looking out over Tolcarne beach on the second glorious day of the netball and rugby tour, surrounded by 46 enthusiastic, incredibly well behaved and dedicated young people. The girls have been busy as usual. On Thursday and Friday 24 Year 5 & 6s travelled to Newquay with the junior boys for the annual sports tour during which the rest of the girls experienced two enrichment days filled with cooking, a mad hatters tea party, learning circus skills and getting artistic ! All the girls have been busy this week… When I walked into the year 4 classroom on Wednesday, they were electing a new headmistress!

    Does this mean I'm out of a job? By the sounds of their pitches, I just might be! Year 3 used their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes to create symmetrical Stone Age necklaces. They'll be for sale in their Stone Age shop next week. The Year 2 class explored Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. They used the chrome books to research what happened and produced a fact file. In Year 1 the girls have been learning to use bossy verbs and by following instructions, made playdough and a new game. All this and they made a family tree. In Reception, they have spent some time making hedgehogs and learning what it means to hibernate them in the thicket!

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