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Miss Barlow's Weekly Words

Our weekly Bulletin highlights the important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Miss Barlow of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Autumn 3

    Published 22/09/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Autumn is here which means Jeans for Genes and Harvest Festival time.... as well as woolly mammoths, Alice in Wonderland and rainforest bags!

    Today is Jeans for Genes day and all of the girls have made a special effort to wear jeans to raise money for children who have a genetic disorder. Thank you everyone who has donated. Today also marks the official start of Autumn and we are looking forward to celebrating it next week with our special 'Harvest Around the World' Festival!

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Autumn 2

    Published 14/09/17, by Leanne Barlow

    First full week complete! We have now been back at School for over a week and what a fantastic start we have had; the girls have made a brilliant start to the new year. Our youngest members, Reception, have settled in extremely well and  have already achieved so much, including: taking a tour of the school, swimming, travelling to Junior Boys to have their first class photo taken and have climbed trees and built castles! To see photos of our new Reception class and their parents on their first day please see here.

    In our gallery this week, you will find photos from each class showing what they have been learning. Reception have been tree climbing and leaf collecting at Junior Boys, and back here have made cakes, used a typewriter and building castles! The girls in Year 1 have impressed Miss Sadler with their numbers bonds and ordering of numbers, and they have also started learning about their topic - Marvellous Me - by starting to create their family tree. Year 2 have been learning about healthy eating in science this week and made guacomole (or ruac-omole!)in their lesson on Thursday! Year 3 have learned about the characteristics of rocks in science and have wowed Miss Mansfield with their recounts of their summer holidays. Year 4 have been classifying animals in science and have started asking questions about their topic, which they will aim to answer during the term. Year 5 have truly started their Curioser and Curioser topic, writing diary entries about Jack's journey through The Tunnel. They have also produced some wonderful gymnastic routines in PE. In Year 6, the girls have been playing fizz buzz (timetables) and have been introduced to Hegarty Maths, whilst also focusing on grammar in their writing linked to their Amazon topic.

    Tomorrow the prize winners of the Maidenhead and Me competition are invited to the Nicholson Centre to receive their prizes. I look forward to seeing you there and seeing our entries displayed. 

    I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    Miss Barlow

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Autumn 1 - Welcome Back!

    Published 08/09/17, by Leanne Barlow

    A very warm welcome back to Claires Court Junior Girls.

    The answers:
    To learn...
    To read and write...
    To meet friends...
    To collaborate...
    To learn kindness...
    To live...
    To give our parents space(!)

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  • Miss Barlow's Final Words Of The Year!

    Published 14/07/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Wow! What a Prize Giving? What a Year?!

    As I write my final words of this year, I am completely overwhelmed by the achievements the girls have had this year. We have accomplished so much and have much to be proud of. Yesterday, at our Prize Giving, we celebrated all of this and much more. The afternoon was filled with fantastic perofrmances which moved and entertained us and Katherine Grainger was a complete inspiration. 

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Summer 11

    Published 06/07/17, by Leanne Barlow

    This week we have been very busy not only getting ready for Prize Giving but...

    Reception have been making experiments with different spices, scents and fruits; many potions were made and the classroom was extremely fragrant! Year 1 have been working hard in maths to find different ways of adding two 2 digit numbers together. Year 2 wrote stories about the seaside after working hard on their Punch and Judy shows. Year 3 have been creating presentations on past and present famous Africans. Year 4 have been planning and creating parachutes as part of their science topic. Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Henley River and Rowing Museum today as part of their Water topic and their study of Wind in the Willows. Year 6 sent postcards to Malala after reading her story and being totally inspired. To read what they had to say, click here.

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Summer 10

    Published 29/06/17, by Leanne Barlow

    "Miss Barlow, are Junior Girls winding down now ready for the End of Term?" said an innocent member of staff.

    "Absolutely not! If anything, we are ramping up!" answered Miss Barlow.

    The Summer Fete was a huge triumph on Saturday. Luckily the rain held off (mostly). Enough so that our wonderful country dancers were able to perform beautifully without any disruptions! Even the parents who were pulled up busted some moves!

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Summer 9

    Published 22/06/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot! (But cooler for Sports Day... phew!)

    This week temperatures rocketed and so did the girls... around the athletics track that is. On Thursday, we held our annual sports day which was another successful afternoon. The girls demonstrated excellent skill and technique in both field and track events. Many records were broken from Reception to Year 6. I am so proud to see, at every event, girls supporting each other across in their own classes and in others too. Thank you to everyone who came to support and a huge thank you to the PE department, led by Miss Hudson, for all of their hard work and preparation. (A link for photos from Take2 will be forwarded on).

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Summer 8

    Published 15/06/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Healthy Eating Week! Healthy learning all round!

    This week has been our annual Healthy Eating Week. From trying new things in the dining room to learning about healthy choices in the classroom, the girls have been completely immersed in healthy eating education. You will see pictures in our gallery from this week including, of Reception making fruit kebabs ; Year 1 tasting new snacks in the dining room; Year 2 making couscous salad and a healthy chocolate cake (recipe please!); Year 3 using their estimating skills to create their own energy ball recipes; Year 4 making delicious smoothies and couscous salad; Year 5 'Guess the Ingredients of the Smoothie' challenge; and Year 6 being very active! As part of Healthy Eating Week, the girls had many opportunities to achieve certificates for trying new things, eating their 5-a-day and being as activate as possible. The pupils also had the opportunity to choose the healthiest lunch on Monday and across the week. 

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Summer 7

    Published 08/06/17, by Leanne Barlow

    6 weeks left... Really? How are we going to fit it all in? 

    Wow! Was half term only last week? We have achieved so much in such a short time and we now only have 5 weeks left still have so much to look forward.

    This week saw the first week of Career Fortnight in Year 6 and the girls, and teachers, have been incredibly inspired by our visitors. The girls have shown great respect and asked insightful questions about the different journey's people have been on. Thank you to our parents Mrs Sykes, Mr and Mrs Parr and Mr Lawrence for visiting the class and discussing how they have got to where they are now. Charlie Webster , Sky Sports Presenter, visited on Wednesday to share her career journey and also her journey through her awful ordeal in Rio where she contracted Malaria.  The girls were blown away by her determination and perseverance. You can read more about the visitors Year 6 had here.

    The ISA London West Athletics competition was held on Wednesday at Thames Valley Athletics Ground and wow did Claires Court do well! Many medals and personal best's beaten... results will be published very soon.

    Election Day activities were rife on Thursday and many of the girls have written manifestos, campaigned and voted too.

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Summer 6

    Published 25/05/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Problems, problems, and more problems to solve! During this problem-filled week...

    ... (it has been Problem Solving Week!) the girls have used many different skills including logic, reasoning, communication and collaboration to solve a variety of tasks. From 'Lemony Snicket' inspired treasure hunt and marshmallow and spaghetti towers, to Dragon's Den and marble runways, the girls have been totally engaged and enthused by the activities on offer. They have learned that you don't always solve something the first time of trying and that resilience, perseverance and collaboration are important skills to have when solving problems. It has been wonderful to see the hive of activity including a lot of learning outside and classes coming together to learn from each other. 

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Summer 5

    Published 18/05/17, by Leanne Barlow

    During a week of assessments, we still found time to inquire, problem solve and be creative!

    The girls have worked incredibly hard to complete their exams but that has not stopped learning taking place. Reception explored the grounds at Junior Boys and went on a nature walk to find different types of flowers whilst Year 3 planted sunflowers in the classroom. Year 2 created beautiful seaside habitats in boxes and Year 5 investigated different types of angles.  

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Summer 4

    Published 11/05/17, by Leanne Barlow

    In a week where most of the nation's year 6's sit their SATS, Claires Court Junior Girls....

    .... sent balloons to Grandad, created Dream Jars, explored the pond habitat, built dinosaur enclosures, made pizzas and competed at the season's first athletics meeting.

    This week of May is the annual SATS week which is the week that 11 year olds across the country have been preparing for for most of their Year 6 year. Unfortunately this means that most learning tasks are solely based on test questions. It also means that subjects such as music, PE, languages and art are not prioritised and are often non existant.

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