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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Meet A Pupil


Dylan - Year 6

Dylan joined in Reception and engages in all aspects of school life including the extensive range of clubs and activities on offer.

He’s a keen piano player since starting in Year 1 and is proud to have performed in two school concerts.

Supported by teachers, Dylan is encouraged to work hard and try all that is on offer and has high hopes to become a Formula 1 Driver in the future.

Interviewed January 2017

Junior Boys Meet a Pupil“Football and art are some of the subjects I love the most. In the football club I’ve seen my skills improve greatly and I love the variety you can do in art from sketching and using different watercolours.

My art teacher Mr Goddard tells us to ‘use your mistakes’, so rather than rub them out we have to think how we can use it to make something more creative.

There are so many clubs to choose from so everyone can try something. I’ve just started the model making club and I’m working on making a plane, last year I found the photography club great fun.

The pupil voice at school is great because I know that I can always voice my opinion and put suggestions forward for improvement.”

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