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BBC School Report

bbc school report 2018

Claires Court took part in BBC News School Report on Thursday 15 March. Read the live updates below of our activity:

09:20 Newsdesk is open!

10:08 Inspiring to see our budding reporters researching and creating

11:01 News reportS

R.I.P. Stephen Hawking - by Elodie Boucher 

Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76, after living a long, tough life while battling ‘Motor Neurone Disease.’ For years Stephen had been saying that we need to begin a process of permanently settling on other planets, and that made the news again and again. He was convinced that people would be given the chance very soon. Hawking was obviously a bit worried that people were ‘putting all their eggs in one basket', where the planet would be the basket. 
He saw global warming as a threat to human life, the physicist was mainly scared about a so-called ‘Tipping point’ which shows that we can't stop global warming. Hawking also showed big concern about the American decision about the Paris agreement.
Hawking’s theories about global warming show that we are currently very close to ‘The Tipping Point’.  Hawking thoughts on successful business owner Elon Musk, who is also a very fortunate scientist, coincide to his theories. Musk’s thoughts were said in a conference and points out that we either start to move to other planets, or that humans risk being extinct.  With his thoughts on the matter, he attached his name to a project looking over technologies between the star travel.
Hawking recognised some amazing opportunities that broke through some updates in unreal intelligence, but also warned about the dangers. In 2014 Hawking told the BBC that “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”.  Stephen Hawking was born on the 8th January 1942 and died on 14th March 2018. The theoretical Physicist will be missed and so will his theories and work. Overall it is clear that Stephen Hawking made a massive impact on how we view the earth and a load of discoveries have been made because of him.

Stephen Hawking Dies - by Lucy Hardy

Stephen Hawking dies aged 76. Stephen Hawking was born on the 8th of January 1942. Stephen Hawking was a regular teenager, who battled with a minor case of motor neurone disease. At Cambridge he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, which was said to leave him completely paralysed. Every day he was living his life as usual, but everyday his condition got worse and worse.

Image result for stephen hawkings uncopylocked

At the age of 22, he was preparing to marry his fiance, Elaine, but suddenly the doctors also told him that he only had no more than 2-3 years left of life. However luckily the disease progressed more slowly than expected, which gave him a much  longer life expectancy.

When Stephen Hawking was 46 he had 3 children; Lucy, Robert and Timothy. By this time Stephen Hawking was completely paralysed and could only talk by using a voice synthesizer. Stephen Hawking then made a book called 'A brief history of time', which was about scientific theories. He sold more that 10 million copies. Sadly in 2006 him and his wife divorced. But that didn't change anything about his work. He continued science and found out even more scientific theories. In 2014 Jane Hawkings (his wife from 1965-1995) released a movie called “The theory of everything”, which was about how she fell in love with him and how he became diagnosed with his disease.

Hawkings discovered many things. He released the theory that black holes can only increase, and can never decrease in size. That might seem pretty basic, but Stephen didn't just stop there. He went on to discover more things about black holes and this is what he came up with. He said that black holes can never be split up into smaller ones, even through the collision of two black holes. He also stated another theory, that horizons ever-expanding surface area was analogous to another quantity that, according to physics,could only grow.

It is clear to see that Stephen had a massive impact on the world. He was a great scientist and he came up with many amazing theories. That helped us see a clear view on things.

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World happiness report reveals the happiest country in the world - by Grace Sheffield

They say that the Scandinavians are the happiest people in the world, but is it really true? March 20th was World Happiness Day, and the UNN report determines the top 10 happiest countries in the world, the results determine the northerners being as happy as can be with their cold winter nights and open fires. So take a look at the best of the best in world peace in a beautiful environment.  

cold, dawn, house

Finland was recently dubbed as the happiest country in the world with the population racking over 5 million, Finland's pleasant cold winter nights and thickening winters, with the sun never shining below the horizon in the summer, creates beautiful scenery all around the country. Finland has some of the best “freedom to roam” laws, making it easy to fish, walk, swim, or camp anywhere you want. The Finns are also known for having the world's best pizza!

Are you a failure? Finland's got you covered! On October 13th every year, finland has a ‘failure day’, It started in 2010. The day is a commemoration to bad luck and failure. Why? To understand and learn from the mistakes in the future!

So overall, happiness? The Finns have got it, nature? Peace? Say no more! Some points can make it clear to why the country has got such general happiness amongst them. Yet, there may still be other opinions such as, if your not a heavy metal fan, maybe that might be a problem… but overall Finland is always subjective.

Do we get too much homework? - by Cara Walker and Freya Wilson

Parents and pupil are wondering if there is a sudden spike in the amount of homework issued. A research team went to a Sutton school community in Nottinghamshire, to get students opinions on homework, and the results were mixed.

So does homework actually help pupils academically?

Some students say homework does benefit them, because it help their understanding in the upcoming lessons. We think that homework can help but in small amounts. If we get too much homework than its very stressful but if you don’t get any it can affect your performance.

Image result for classroom

Some people think that there is no need for homework. We do a lot of work at school and after school is for relaxation and not doing more work that you do at school.

Furthermore, some experts say that Year 9 pupils which do homework for 2-3 hours a day will achieve better GCSE results, than people which do not do homework, or do it to a low standard. We have now got students to give their opinion on homework at Claires Court. The results don't vary, and show the same opinion.

“Homework is stressful and no one really wants to do it.”

It seems that people do not enjoy homework and some find it boring.

From a teacher's point of view homework is a crucial part of learning. It helps you understand the lesson better so when it comes to GCSEs you are ready for revision and better in work. They think that reading is also important.

In conclusion, it is clear students don’t really enjoy homework and in their opinion work should be done at school not at home or it should be reduced to a reasonable amount even though teachers think you need it, children do not enjoy it.


Is masculinity becoming old fashioned as make-up gets more popular? - by Jessica Jones

The male make-up artist in the industry has risen in the last few years as since Jeffree Star, Patrick Star, James Charles and Manny Mua took over the make-up world online with millions of followers on multiple platforms.

Image result for james charles  instagram photosLots of brands are doing campaigns and brand deals with male make-up artists, for example Patrick Star has done a collaboration with a global makeup brand M.A.C, and Jeffree Star has created his own make up brand along with James Charles. Manny Mua has done brand deals with Morphe .

These young makeup artists are inspiring young people similar to their age, that if they want to wear makeup they can and they can be whatever they want to be and not be scared of what people think.

ASOS, a British fashion company, has also expressed their thoughts on this topic by sharing a video on Facebook of showing men how to do natural makeup.

Now more than 59% of men use some type of beauty product and male beauty is a billion dollar industry. 

Stephen Hawking dies, aged only 76 - by Ysanna Shepherd

On Wednesday, 14 March 2018 Stephen Hawkings peacefully passed away in the early morning, at his home in Cambridge. He was a British scientist and was famous for his work with black holes and relativity, Stephen also had wrote various science books.

At the young age of 22 Stephen was diagnosed with a rare form of motor neurone disease, and he was told he would only live a few years but he lived a long healthy life. The motor neurone disease left him in a wheelchair and unable to speak except through a voice synthesiser. Although he had a life changing disease he still had a smile on his face.

The symptoms of having the motor neurone disease are :

  • Weakness in your ankles or legs.

  • Slurred speech.

  • Weak grip.

  • Muscle cramps and twitches.

  • Weight loss.

  • Difficulty stopping yourself crying or laughing in inappropriate situations.

Stephen Hawking’s  death left his children deeply saddened that their beloved father had passed.  In his life he had received honorary degrees, medals and prizes, that gained him massive respect from the public. He was respected so much that he went on to meet Queen Elizabeth in 2014, at St. James Palace.

Some of Stephen Hawking’s  most memorable quotes that we will never forget are:

“Without imperfection, you or I would not exist.”

“My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit, as well as physically.”



Are plastic particles life-threatening? - by Molly Reeve-Stephens

State University of New York at Fredonia conducted an experiment to show if water bottle companies are putting plastic particles into their water. Over the course of 11 months, 250 different water bottles have been tested and examined from 9 different countries.

The conclusion that the investigation came to was that there are 10 plastic particles per liter of water in the bottles that were checked. They also discovered that the particles are larger than the amplitude of a single human hair. The Director of the investigation (Professor of chemistry at the university) said: “We found (plastic) in bottle after bottle and brand after brand’.

The university said that they just wanted to prove that plastic is one of the most common materials; it exists everywhere. Scientists have looked at the study and said it can not do any harm so far but they can now try to improve the environment by cutting down on plastic before it's too late.

They have said that the results are not alarming yet they are still worrying and they’re concerned that this is happening. But now older studies have arisen and it has been said that 1-2 years ago Professor Mason said that he was a part of a similar investigation and they found that these similar particles were in tap water, air and even sea water.

This has made a big  problem arise with people worrying about their water. Certain countries have taken it upon themselves to cut down on plastic also some shops such as Iceland have cut down on plastic packaging because of the plastic particles that may be transferred onto the product.

They have have now created a dye called Nile Red and it can detect plastic particles quickly in seawater. A British scientist created it and prompted to make it a known thing since Blue Planet 2 when Sir David Attenborough addressed the plastic waste in our seas and how it is everlasting as even when the plastic has been removed the particles still remain.

A whale died as vets/activists found it having 30 plastic bags in it’s stomach and no food at all. The whale had digested a large amount of non-biodegradable substances from all over the world, and a large number of the bags were from big companies.

Dr Andrew Mayes, of the University of East Anglia and some of his colleagues said that the results from the Nile Red dye were useful yet they thought that people should be cautious when using it as the results seem estimated and not precise.

Types of plastic such as Polypropylene, which is used in the manufacturing of water bottle caps, have a high content of plastic at 54%. The smallest percent of plastic used was with the plastic Azlon and Polyacrylates which have a small percentage of 3%-5%. This was found when the State University of New York at Fredonia were doing their studies.

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