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Mr Richards' Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mr Richards of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 11

    Published 29/03/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    Coincidence or not? ‘Filling buckets or lighting fires?’ was an educational article that a colleague brought to my attention recently. The title and content resonated and not just because Years 5 and 2 both had elemental connections this week. Year 5 spent a fantastic Friday evening doing exactly that whilst Year 2 took time to re-enact the Great Fire of London. Year 1 and Reception’s enterprise also filled lots of buckets during the charity breaktime.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 10

    Published 22/03/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    Mr Denton’s assembly last week developed our reasoning and thinking round a theme of, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. He also rather fortuitously introduced it with a well known and powerful video from the Greatest Showman soundtrack, ‘This is me’.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 9

    Published 15/03/19, by Olivia James

    Relationships are a vital ingredient in how we all learn and work. We are constantly exploring and encouraging our young charges to develop their understanding and awareness of each other and how to build friendships that are based on strong foundations. Often tolerance, respect and taking responsibility help but these qualities can take a while to be cemented. Likewise a smile and a kind word or simple recognition can have a very positive response. Every effort is made to role model these values by colleagues and our assembly programme also reinforces it. Mrs Stevenson’s and Mr Denton’s over the last two weeks have produced masterpieces.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 8

    Published 08/03/19, by Olivia James

    I wish there had been more than one rugby question at the PTA Quiz and that my knowledge of Roman numerals had been explored. The L is certainly nearly double the Lack of points my team scored but also a Lazy seamless Link into my topics of the week. Losing and how to do it gracefully was hard work but the wooden spoon was well deserved.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 7

    Published 01/03/19, by Olivia James

    This week has brought a warm glow to my heart and not just because of the upturn in the weather.  It is just wonderful to be part of a school that looks outwardly and creates a culture where our young charges take responsibility and learn to make real contributions to society. Society also happens to be our new assembly theme this half term.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 6

    Published 15/02/19, by Admin

    I like to sit with the boys at lunch time to get to know them and to use the opportunity to see what they think. Their answers can be very revealing and do spark discussions in other arenas. I also like to hear about their experiences. For example, this week has seen runners racing triumphantly at the regional cross country, musicians performing in our informal Concert, French waiters serving breakfast, two fantastic form assemblies, chess matches and plenty of industry in between times. On occasion these conversations can go off at a tangent. For example a younger child asked me, ‘What do you do?’; I gave myself some thinking time and then got the rest of the table to answer it. They suggested three things (I am sure it is more than that!) and I did really like their responses; assemblies, giving out awards and encouraging us to achieve.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 5

    Published 08/02/19, by Admin

    Last week ‘the future’ was my topic. It kick started a few other thoughts about why, how and what we study at Junior Boys. One seamless link was, ‘change over time’ within our humanities and ICT programmes. Personally, I have never felt inclined to grasp a social media platform, which allows my children many gentle teasing opportunities.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 4

    Published 01/02/19, by Olivia James

    The future is always an exciting topic of conversation and is frequently on the minds of adults in our community. The boys on the other hand for the large part are blissfully unaware of the enormity of the concept. I would certainly like the above status quo to stay this way. Our boys should be able to achieve without anxiety, try new skills, take chances, make mistakes and just enjoy their school days. Our curriculum, the wide ranging activity programme and co-curricular pillars of art, chess, drama, music, public speaking and sport give our charges the widest variety of experiences. Here they learn skills, develop lots of talents, are successful and gain much self-esteem along the way.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 3

    Published 25/01/19, by Admin

    “Teachers should trust their gut more” was an intriguing headline to an article I read whilst I was idling pre-match in Parma last weekend. What did it mean?  I then began to consider how do adults use their personal professional opinions (formative assessments) to guide planning and ensure progress? Has an era of league tables, anxiety and data collection (summative assessments) reduced the relevance or impact of this important element which is evidence based instinct? We certainly need to be accountable and have a mark book.  We also need to use encouraging comments, both verbally and written, upon completed or drafted work as well as give pupils time to think about and understand these prompts.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 2

    Published 18/01/19, by Admin

    Our first full week back commenced with a rather calorific chocolate challenge in assembly. The boys certainly responded and have continued working with much endeavour. Opportunity and talents certainly flourish in the school. One exciting collaboration is Mrs Icke’s Drama Club. Boys and girls are rehearsing to perform ‘The Snail and the Whale’ at an ISA event later in the term.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Lent 1

    Published 11/01/19, by Admin

    A warm welcome back to School. Our community and how we rely upon each other has been the message during this shortened week. It will also be a consistently applied idea as ‘Community’ is our new assembly theme. Independence, leadership, personal responsibility and self-respect are also values that undoubtedly will manifest from it as well.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 13

    Published 14/12/18, by Admin

    The final full week of term has been and gone in a frenzy of festive fun. Our Christmas collection of creativity commenced with a concert in the Sports Hall on Monday. Musicians young and old, experienced or just beginning, all showcased their many talents. The audience were certainly entertained by a range of seasonal pieces, some old favourites and newer material. The boys enjoyed the opportunity to perform in front of so many and the light touch of the informal nature allowed them to hit the right notes without being overburdened by anxiety. A little nerves are also good as it suggests that it means something to them. Saxophone, piano, flute and voice were the instruments of choice. It would be wonderful to have an even greater variety next term. I am sure we have a few budding percussionists in our midst!  Our guitarists also got an outing on Wednesday to support Mrs Lang’s superb assembly. She was ably assisted by her highly enthusiastic and imaginative Year 5 English group, who enjoyed researching and demonstrating different unusual greetings from around the world.

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