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Mr Richards' Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mr Richards of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 13

    Published 13/12/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    What a wonderful winter term. We returned to a refreshed and sparkling set of buildings and we end the term with all areas glittering with Christmas spirit. The reenergising has been maintained by a staffroom of fantastic practitioners who have fed off the excitement and enjoyment of the boys across all ages. This relationship and productivity then begins to self-perpetuate. The boys have remained hard at work in class this week but have also found time to rehearse and play in the Guitar Concert, perform an amazing Pre-Prep Nativity this morning and complete the extremely competitive and muddy Prep House Rugby matches. Our General Election was passionately campaigned. Well done to all the candidates. Thank you as well to the PTA who organised an excellent Christmas Fayre this afternoon. I was also delighted by the email Ms Stay has produced for our benefit reminding us about Safe and kind internet use.


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    Published 06/12/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    Sometimes you just have to acknowledge when it is time to keep quiet and let others do the talking. We have been working with the boys this week to pick up both verbal and non verbal communication skills. In this case it is the written word that has made me hang up my quill early this week.  Mrs MacDonald writes,

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 11

    Published 29/11/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    Over the last little while we have reported to parents at our academically focused Parents’ Meetings. We all aspire for the best for our children and I am reassured from the reviews conducted afterwards that we are working well in partnership and that our boys are making progress at their appropriate pace. We all understand and embrace that our non selective approach and secure multi talented, well rounded pupils are happy, contribute, committed to improving and are not frightened of mistakes or speaking up.


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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 10

    Published 22/11/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    At the beginning of the week we celebrated our House Science contestants, chess competitors and swimming stars. Whilst at the end of it we were entertained by an amazing array of performances at our fabulous Informal Concert and by 5V’s excellent Parent Assembly. All had taken part in a wide range of challenges and demonstrated determination and desire but, above all, a willingness to achieve personal and/or team success. Winning is great, but being able to recognise that they have all done their best is equally as important. Staff and other adults were mightily impressed with their sportsmanship, musicianship, presentation skills and their ability to encourage each other. Well done everyone.


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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 9

    Published 15/11/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    Our tourists returned on Sunday after another (the 10th to be precise) touring triumph across the River Tamar. Matches were won and lost but friendships were made, skills were improved and the occasional challenge of being away from home or having a fixture cancelled due to torrential rain did not derail the enthusiasm of all involved. Thank you to all the adults who once again generously gave up their time and to both boys and girls who gave their all. (Please do not whisper it too loudly but we are rather pleased that Mr Barber claimed the cross site Ten Pin Bowling prize!)

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 8

    Published 08/11/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    On Monday it was wonderful to observe the abundance of healthy smiles and sparkling eyes as boys and parents(!) rejoiced at the start of our busy second half of the term. This week we have already hosted Perform Drama Workshops for Years 1 and 2; Year 3 have loved Roman military training at Ufton Court and the U11 rugby players have ventured to the West Country; whilst their peers have come off timetable to develop rocket design, first aid, pizza making and outdoor art skills. Year 6 have been challenged to create new political parties and we will be holding our own General Election on December 12.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 7

    Published 18/10/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    Wow, where did that half term go? So much squeezed in, a number of firsts, many fantastic achievements alongside plenty of learning. It has been a real delight to watch enthusiastic faces in classes and pupils full of inquisitiveness, being guided and supported to discover answers for themselves. This excitement to learn and express themselves brings joy to me when I catch up to discuss their hopes and aspirations over an apple crumble at lunch. It is definitely worth taking on the spaghetti splattering suit roulette risk to do so. The dining room is a real barometer of a happy, engaged, eager cohort. They certainly also relish the plentiful options available to them here. Our Junior Boys centurions certainly do not march on empty stomachs.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 6

    Published 11/10/19, by Nicola Robinson

    Today’s ‘When I grow up’ was a wonderful day of big dreams and future aspirations. The boys certainly demonstrated a complete range of hopes. I wonder how many will have had their photo taken today and will revisit it in the decades to come and say, ‘I did it?’

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 5

    Published 04/10/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    Surprises can be great and surprises can also bring out quite the opposite feeling. Just ask the opinion of those involved in the Japan v Ireland match last weekend!

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 4

    Published 27/09/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    Twitter - or not to twitter. Have I become obsessed? Why does it take me so long? Why do I get so anxious before I press tweet? What does it add? Is there anyone out there looking, reading or listening? These are all questions I ask myself.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 3

    Published 20/09/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    As Robert Ingersoll once said, “We rise by lifting others.” This week it has been a common theme that has resonated strongly with me.  I have given tours around the school with prospective parents and pupils and witnessed kind behaviour from our boys. On Thursday afternoon, achievements were also recognised at the Senior School Awards celebrations and that, I believe, fills CCJB in an intangible way. That of ’Giving’.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Autumn 2

    Published 13/09/19, by Dawn Hammonds-Gill

    Excitement, energy and enthusiasm are words that would certainly describe the boys and their guides this last week. I see it, hear it and can sense it. New routines are beginning to be grasped and new relationships explored. I am thrilled that our older hands have warmly welcomed those who are just beginning their CCJB journey and our newest feel free to allow their characters to emerge.

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