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Mr Spanswick's Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mr Spanswick of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 12

    Published 08/12/17, by Claire Cox

    Our penultimate week of the year has been so much fun!! Rather than have me tell you all about it, our pictures will certainly speak louder than words, and please click here to go to our gallery.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 11

    Published 01/12/17, by Claire Cox

    In all honesty, it has been an unusual couple of weeks for me!

    I am sure that you have all seen the exciting announcement of our new Headteacher at the Junior Boys school from September 2018. Dean Richards came through a long list of talented applicants and then a rigorous set of interviews (even negotiating a challenging 30 minutes in front of our Year 6 boys panel!) to emerge as the outstanding candidate to lead this wonderful school. For me, it has all been a little bittersweet.....I am obviously excited about the role that lays ahead of me, but will always be mindful that I am passing over the most enjoyable and satisfying (and demanding!) job that I have ever had. When Dean and I first met nearly a month ago, I knew immediately that I was talking to someone who shares our values at Claires Court, and who has the passion to see every child fulfill their potential.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 10

    Published 24/11/17, by Claire Cox

    It has been another very busy week at school. To begin, one mention must go to our fantastic Gold, Silver and Bronze Primary Maths Challenge award winners. It is the highest amount of medalists we have ever had - well done boys!

    In tandem with this, our swimmers went to Aldershot to compete in the ISA London West Regional Championships and returned with a hoard of medals. For more details of this see our Sports section.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 9

    Published 17/11/17, by Claire Cox

    I will start today by thanking you all for your patience with regard to our building work on the Sports Hall. A quick 10 day job is now in its fourth week, and while skips and red tape have been removed to allow pedestrian access via the pathway by the Sports Hall, the works are still to be finished. I am grateful to have received feedback on the effectiveness of our overflow car park - while it is a welcome, if somewhat muddy addition to the school, we will be ensuring that it is well lit to allow for a safe passage to and from the car.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 8

    Published 10/11/17, by Claire Cox

    I would like to start this blog by thanking so many of you for your overwhelming support regarding my appointment as Executive Headteacher of Claires Court. I must admit that the decision to accept the role was bittersweet, in that I am excited about the prospect of taking on specific responsibilities across the three sites, but it will mean that I do not get as much contact with your sons on this site. Nevertheless I will be spending a great deal of time at Junior Boys working with the new Headteacher, and I will ensure that you are kept up to date on the progress we make in recruiting my successor.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 7

    Published 20/10/17, by Admin

    It’s half term!! We all made it! There was a moment on Wednesday when I was not sure that we would…...pupils and staff were going off ill, the Year 6 team at Osmington Bay were getting blown around the Dorset coast, Hampton Court was the scene of a Year 4 invasion, Year 2 deserted me for a Boundary walk, Year 5 decided that this was the week to choose to start rucking on the rugby field kamikaze style, they slimed Mrs Carter in their Science lesson, and Reception scared me today with their devilish costumes!!!!! It was left to Year 1 and Year 3 classes to look after me, and they did their job well, bringing me some of their best work to show and also by being so well behaved. What a week it has been.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 6

    Published 13/10/17, by Admin

    I read a very interesting article yesterday written by Amanda Spielman, the Chief Inspector of Schools for Ofsted, who summarised her thoughts of the primary state school curriculum (the National Curriculum) in one scathing word - ‘hollow’. She alluded to schools being forced to concentrate on achieving results for the SATS at the expense of breadth of subjects and enjoyment of learning, and even stated that teachers were having to adjust their own pedagogy significantly to ‘teach to the tests’.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 5

    Published 06/10/17, by Kim Davies

    This week I am going to allow our pictures to tell the main stories of the past five days. The success that Mr Goddard’s charges enjoyed at the Regional ISA Art exhibition was a real highlight, as was the simply outstanding Year 3 and 4 work that I have been privileged to read.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 4

    Published 29/09/17, by Admin

    I have been so impressed with the way the school has responded to what has been such a busy week. Thank you to those of you who were able to support our Harvest festival on Wednesday whether it be with donations of food, organisation of costumes for your son, or with your presence for the performance. Indeed, it was the best attended Harvest Bulletinfestival we have ever had, and those who could join us were treated to a real spectacle - the poems, the songs, the readings…...and of course, Mr Gillespie dressed up as a Scarecrow! I was also taken aback by the talent of our three musicians who played Vivaldi as parents arrived and left the festival - Hou Ning Zhu, Teo Rybak and Junwen Liew should take a huge bow for their efforts. It was a lovely event, please do take a look at some of our pictures in the gallery.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 3

    Published 22/09/17, by Admin

    We are definitely back into the swing of the new term now! On my Learning Walk this week I observed so many boys being challenged on new topics and more lateral ways of thinking - we are talking about perseverance at the moment with the boys and this is a quality that is very much needed when problem solving. However, we believe that boys working independently and not giving up when they make a mistake is such a powerful lesson in life. On Monday, the rotary club joined our assembly and have invited our boys to enter into some local Writing and Mathematics competitions, and you could see the excitement on the faces of our boys….especially when they found out there are cash prizes for the winners! Mr Goddard is also very busy selecting the artwork he will send to the ISA (Independent Schools Association) - we won three national awards last year including ‘Best Group Painting’.... let’s see how we get on this year!

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 2

    Published 15/09/17, by Admin

    What a first week back! The words ‘busy’ and ‘hectic’ do not come close to describing the activities and lessons that have been going on. Our boys in Reception are finding their feet and we are seeing some very happy (and tired) faces at the end of the day. Year 1 have certainly hit the ground running and I have been visited by a number of boys showing me their outstanding writing and drawing, some of which you will see in the photo gallery.

    I have broken with tradition today and for the first time awarded both Rabbits to whole year groups. A number of staff have commented on Year 2’s enthusiasm, hunger to learn, and their politeness… much so, I felt they deserved our top accolade. Similarly, Year 4 were awarded the Rabbit for their amazing performance on Thursday afternoon both on and off the rugby field. During their first ever sports matches representing the school, they were impeccably behaved throughout, showed sportsmanship, demonstrated wonderful manners and reacted very maturely when team sheets were given out. Their first match was against a very large and strong St George’s School from Weybridge, a real baptism of fire! However, outstanding defence was the order of the day….and we won all 5 fixtures! Well done to Year 4, the Rabbit is yours this week!

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Autumn 1

    Published 08/09/17, by Admin

    Welcome back, and a warm welcome to all of our new parents and pupils to the school. Every week I will be writing some thoughts, comments and my highlights of the week in this blog, and hopefully it will give you a little flavour of the things the boys get up to when they are with us!

    I hope you all enjoyed a lovely summer break. Having spoken to a number of parents in the playground over the past few days, the general consensus is that you have enjoyed some lovely family  time over the break, and are now very glad to be able to hand your sons back over to us! As you will see we have been a busy school in August, with our new balcony constructed by the mezzanine, our new classroom on the playground (that is nearly finished!), our ‘muddy kitchen’ in the EYFS garden, a total facelift to our kitchen including a double sized oven for our chef Lorraine Downing to cook with, new interactive whiteboards…..the list goes on and on. Our aim to provide the best possible learning environment for our pupils is something we will continue to strive for.

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