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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mrs Kirby's Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mrs Kirby of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head of Juniors desk.

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  • Mrs Kirby's words Autumn week 2

    Published 17/09/21, by Hayley Johnston

    Our first full week back has been full of lots of new opportunities and engaging activities (and maybe some tired pupils (and teachers, too!). It’s been wonderful to see so many pupils enjoying our after school activities and fixtures as well as ‘getting stuck in’ to the learning in the classrooms.

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  • Mrs Kirby's words Autumn week 1

    Published 10/09/21, by Hayley Johnston

    Welcome back to each and every one of our Junior Boys, Junior Girls and Nursery School pupils. The past two days have been full of energy and excitement for both staff and pupils. It has been wonderful to get to know our new members of Claires Court, and I know they will enjoy their time with us, taking full advantage of everything we have planned for this year.

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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 11

    Published 08/07/21, by Hayley Johnston

    The penultimate week of term has provided us with plenty of opportunities to keep hard at our academic endeavours, enjoy celebrations and think about the future and reflect on our memories, as our Year 6 boys begin to transition into Senior School, Year 2 move from the Pre-Prep to the Prep and our next cohort of lively boys visited Reception.

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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 10

    Published 02/07/21, by Catherine Corrigan

    Last Friday’s Sports Day is still making me smile warmly. It was such a great event and thank you for the numerous emails and comments about how successful it was.

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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 9

    Published 25/06/21, by Hayley Johnston

    There has been a delightful frisson of anticipation in the air this week at Junior Boys. Sports Day is always a highlight and our tremendous Games Department and Grounds team have worked all hours to respond to changing guidelines and jumped over many hurdles to make today’s events a truly memorable occasion.

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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 8

    Published 18/06/21, by Hayley Johnston

    Mens sana in corpore sano, is an often used quote from antiquity and our predecessors were certainly not wrong with a lot of their thinking. At Junior Boys there has been a considerable focus on this idea this week.

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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 7

    Published 11/06/21, by Hayley Johnston

    On Monday we returned to a sun blessed Junior Boys after a refreshing half term. We reflected on the highlights and considered the wonderful and varied opportunities where boys can achieve their best. We also discussed Child Safety Week and whether this meant we should always be wrapped up in cotton wool or be adventurous and prepared to take risks. We wondered what made a risk acceptable and if we were all different in our responses. We then even practised ‘not looking up!' to prepare for the aerial photo shoot on Thursday.  

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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 6

    Published 27/05/21, by Hayley Johnston

    Thrills and gasps of amazement echoed across the playing fields as our Reception boys watched intently and then could not contain themselves as the butterflies were released and spread their wings and took to the skies. The Painted Ladies were a beautifully captivating topic for the boys to develop a love of learning. 


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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 5

    Published 21/05/21, by Hayley Johnston

    Another incredible week has simply flown by. Showers and sunshine, mistakes and learning, winning and losing, determination and inspiration, alongside traditional teaching, innovation and plenty of enjoyment.

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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 4

    Published 14/05/21, by Hayley Johnston

    It's now my turn to join in with our revived focus on ‘back to basics’ with the emphasis on no screens! For me, this means no video this week, but not quite a return to quill and inkpot. 

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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 3

    Published 07/05/21, by Hayley Johnston

    Mr Richards shares what the Junior Boys have been up to this week, including fixtures starting again and shark infested pools. 

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  • Mr Richards' words summer week 2

    Published 29/04/21, by Hayley Johnston

    Mr Richards and the Junior Boys share what after school clubs they've been taking part in, and more. 

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