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Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 2

Now that we are very much back in the swing of the school term, you will see a number of pictures in my gallery this week of our little ones working very hard to improve their writing and comprehension skills. The hard work is not just coming from our Key Stage 1 groups. Key Stage 2 have also been producing some outstanding pieces of writing, tackling unusual and mind bending scientific experiments, solving some of the most challenging of maths problems, and performing some beautiful songs in public. In fact, I have just returned from Danesfield School in Marlow where Claires Court boys and girls from Year 3 joined 10 other schools to take part in a ‘mini concert’. While they sang songs about ‘Aliens’ and ‘Swamps’ with great gusto, it was clear that their favourite piece was about ‘Hot Chocolate’! Boys and their food!

Our Under 10 and 11 boys enjoyed their first cricket matches of the season against St John’s Beaumont and can be proud of the way they behaved, and the confidence with which they played. Indeed, most matches were won by CCJB which is always a pleasing way to start a season. I have been equally impressed with watching some of our younger boys learning the ropes of cricket, as well as our athletes who are competing for selection for the ISA Regional Championships later in the term.

Our Little Musketeers started on Thursday. The thought of providing some of our boys with a sword and battle arena does fill parts of me with fear! Notwithstanding, the discipline, fine motor control and listening skills that fencing can engender is so valuable and like our martial arts pupils in school, provides another outlet for the boys to express themselves. I hear the first session was a great success, and I am hoping to join the group myself soon!

With the sun appearing a little more frequently this week the school gardens are starting to come alive after the winter. The Outdoor Play area near Reception has a good crop of leeks. The class planted these way back when they first came to the school and now they are almost ready to harvest. Year 1 are so organised that they have already been out and have planted radishes and beetroot seeds. They also tried to identify the herbs that are growing in their raised bed.

The early morning school gardeners are beginning to weed the raised beds ready for planting by the different year groups. The after school gardeners are planting seeds for their own raised bed next week. They have decided on a mix of both flowers and food. They also spent their first session identifying sites for six bird boxes. Mr Turner will be placing these around the school grounds soon. It may be a little late for attracting birds this year but they should be well established by next year. Mrs Nott, the school’s gardening guru, is very much in her element.

I wish you all a very happy weekend and look forward to seeing you in school soon.

Justin Spanswick









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