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Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 6

What a week to sign off this half term!

Pupil Problem Solving week started as a concept several years back and has now grown into a fantastic opportunity for our boys to practise lateral thinking and some very challenging skill sets. Our gallery is full of happy boys who are confidently trying to solve mysteries, constructing philosophical and mind bending games, creating new theories of science and disproving old ones and most importantly, making mistakes. I find so many of our boys try to be perfectionists (which is certainly no bad trait to have!) and therefore are often afraid to get things wrong. 


Well, not this week - there were loads of mistakes being made! Boys were choosing the wrong words, wrong sums, taking the wrong turn... but they learn from this and start to understand the process of meta cognition, as well as having loads of fun! I hope you enjoy our  collection of pictures.

The second half of term is certainly very busy, and it can be a bit of job as a parent to keep on top of the dates. Please do have a good read of the bulletin and the calendar on our website which holds all of the key events and timings, and always feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Wherever you are spending your half term, I hope you enjoy some time with your families and have a nice break.

Justin Spanswick




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