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Mr Richards' Words Lent 1

A warm welcome back to School. Our community and how we rely upon each other has been the message during this shortened week. It will also be a consistently applied idea as ‘Community’ is our new assembly theme. Independence, leadership, personal responsibility and self-respect are also values that undoubtedly will manifest from it as well.

Hence I am very keen that the boys do get back into routine and down to work immediately. One or two reports certainly suggested that some find knuckling down a bit of a long winded process! Having said that I do hope you all had a relaxing, possibly over indulgent festive season or exciting winter holiday. The Richards house certainly looks a little bland now with the 15 boxes of Christmas decorations safely stored in the garage for another year!

Celebrating the New Year and making resolutions are always fresh in our minds at this time. I hope our end of Autumn Term reports have been discussed with the boys allowing many to consider them and then tackle academic ‘work ons’ and in some cases personal and social targets as well. Pleasingly, from my perspective the reports certainly gave plenty of positive messages, recognised accomplishments and demonstrated how determined Form Tutors are to know each individual. Press releases regarding the value of reports and teacher anxiety caught my eye during the vacation. I have my own personal thoughts regarding future reporting schedules but I am reassured that my colleagues are very honest and do not over inflate or mortgage the future with unrealistic over estimations. Honesty is definitely the best approach in our communications with each other. We certainly would all like to receive Grade As but I am very reassured that many pupils received Bs. Good is good.

I have shared my three New Year resolutions in an envelope addressed to myself and popped it my desk drawer and I will be interested to open it in July to see how well I have managed to accomplish them in the next two terms.

As I said to the boys, resolutions are only worth making if they are realistic and achievable. We like to get the boys to dream big and aspire to be the best versions of themselves but we all need to take small steps on our continuous journey of learning.

Here’s to the next term and a quick reminder that our exciting Activity programme commences on Monday. The different collection times should also bring some respite to the congested community car park.

Photos of this week are in the gallery.

Have a super weekend.

Dean Richards

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