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Mr Richards' Words Lent 6

I like to sit with the boys at lunch time to get to know them and to use the opportunity to see what they think. Their answers can be very revealing and do spark discussions in other arenas. I also like to hear about their experiences. For example, this week has seen runners racing triumphantly at the regional cross country, musicians performing in our informal Concert, French waiters serving breakfast, two fantastic form assemblies, chess matches and plenty of industry in between times. On occasion these conversations can go off at a tangent. For example a younger child asked me, ‘What do you do?’; I gave myself some thinking time and then got the rest of the table to answer it. They suggested three things (I am sure it is more than that!) and I did really like their responses; assemblies, giving out awards and encouraging us to achieve.

Our Assembly Programme continues to raise the bar. Classes and colleagues have acted, bonded, created, developed and explored our theme of community. The delivery and different approaches alongside the chance to gain self confidence in presenting in a public forum have been fantastic. In these assemblies we get to hear about the boys’ understanding and also their successes and sometimes failures as well. Both are equally real and valuable.

The awards I hand out in assembly really do make us all happy. Proud smiles, firm handshakes and good eye contact are all applauded as trophies and an abundance of rewards are handed out. Monday is just a wonderful start to the week.

Or is it? Seamlessly returning to another lunchtime conversation. Led by a slightly older pupil he asked ‘Guess why I don’t like Mondays?’ I was caught a bit off guard especially as it was Wednesday! Was it relationships, the timetable, a specific lesson, a teacher, too much or not enough prep? Exhausted, and now with empty plates, the boys were then informed; "I love to walk my dog and annoy my sister when she’s on her computer so much at the weekend". With a growing grin he promptly left us to go out to play.

Relieved that it was not a stone that needed to be turned and investigated I left knowing that life is still normal. At least one person had mixed tech and tradition last weekend. I also had a good song to play at the beginning of our assemblies (society) for next half term and a mischievous idea developing when I next see my sisters in half term!

Take a look at the gallery from this week and have a wonderful break.

Dean Richards

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