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Mr Richards' Words Lent 9

Relationships are a vital ingredient in how we all learn and work. We are constantly exploring and encouraging our young charges to develop their understanding and awareness of each other and how to build friendships that are based on strong foundations. Often tolerance, respect and taking responsibility help but these qualities can take a while to be cemented. Likewise a smile and a kind word or simple recognition can have a very positive response. Every effort is made to role model these values by colleagues and our assembly programme also reinforces it. Mrs Stevenson’s and Mr Denton’s over the last two weeks have produced masterpieces.

Friendships are also often elevated to a higher level on residential trips. So I was delighted to be able accompany Year 4 to the South Coast last week. The emphasis was on team building and getting to know each other. Football festivals, mixing socially, sharing rooms away from home, eating together and communicating to other adults alongside copious amounts of laughter and a woodland invasion game created a tremendous success. I was also highly impressed by the duty of care and kind approach staff displayed throughout. Well done everyone.

We do like to inspire and challenge the boys in equal measure with many opportunities at CCJB. Year 2 also invited me on a superb educational visit to the National Archives. These events take much organising and it is wonderful that colleagues see the value in stretching our boys. Our host was impressed by their knowledge, ability to listen, reason and then make judgements from the evidence that they were presented with.

Year 3 whilst we were away (fortunately a few tasty items were put aside) raised further funds to the tune of £201 at their charity break time.

Relationships have been forged in Year 5. Form Teachers write that they have been extremely busy in all curriculum areas developing skills and knowledge whilst engaging in purposeful activities. Their topic of persuasive writing has seen them produce a real invitation sent to their Dads asking to join in an evening of Books and Bushcraft. Entries have also been submitted into the BBC2 500 words competition.

Geography classes have ventured outside to investigate deciduous and evergreen trees creating and answering their own questions. In History, investigations into the Thames Tunnel and Maidenhead Railway Bridge will culminate in an interview with the great IK Brunel himself.

Mathematical detectives have examined calculations around angles and where angles can be found all around them. Once you get started, it’s difficult to stop noticing angles. Of course we all think that they are angels as well.

Looking ahead there is plenty of inclusive creativity on offer with the House Poetry Competition and the forthcoming Concert to showcase talents and provide much pleasure.

See the full gallery from the week. Have a wonderful weekend and whilst I probably should not upset Miss Morris -come on Ireland! Congratulations also to Mr Barber and partner on their wonderful new arrival this week.

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