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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Richards' Words Lent 11

Coincidence or not? ‘Filling buckets or lighting fires?’ was an educational article that a colleague brought to my attention recently. The title and content resonated and not just because Years 5 and 2 both had elemental connections this week. Year 5 spent a fantastic Friday evening doing exactly that whilst Year 2 took time to re-enact the Great Fire of London. Year 1 and Reception’s enterprise also filled lots of buckets during the charity breaktime.

We do constantly consider ways to provide a progressive and modern education to our pupils. We also doff our cap to tradition and seek a well crafted balance. My personal values are to ‘Achieve without Anxiety’, this can be accomplished through aspiration, stretch, progression, inclusiveness, relationships and enjoyment. There are many other words that could supplant these - achievement, sportsmanship, positivity, independence, rigour and effort for example.

We are proud of our principles and realise that there is more to education than just data and teaching to exams. We are however wise enough to know that a solid foundation of core subjects skills, an ability to not give up and create a well mannered unpretentious boy excited by challenge, inspired by good questioning and plenty of opportunities are also vital.

I also do like an alliteration so Friday’s bushcraft, books, beer, bonhomie, bards and burnt biscuits were a heaven sent chance to dabble. It was also just a great evening. Many commented (sadly) that it was the first moment that week they had stopped, breathed and had quality time to listen to and share with their sons. Thanks to my colleagues who sparked the event and also for ensuring that no embers caused the fire brigade to be dialled. Unfortunately the fire engine demo last week had to be curtailed due to an emergency call they received!

Mr Hogg likes the pail to be referred to as a bucket or possibly due to a passion for all things Greek as a kádos. Mr Butterfield perhaps draws more inspiration from burning bails and the Ashes. Regardless, Year 6 form teachers finish off our snapshots into school life with fond recollections of brave warriors defending their own City State society. Investigations in class and off site helped them to discover the differences and similarities between Greek civilisation, our own society in the UK and at Claires Court. Demos and kratos were also high on the agenda during their lively debates. Many are now beginning to realise that they have different pathways ahead and it is great to know that we can rely upon them to support each other as they mature. House Poetry, Soccer and Cross Country competitions and charity breaktimes gave chances to lead and they all shone at the concert where the audience was staggered by their talent and performance.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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