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Heads Words Summer Term Week 8

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely half term break. As mentioned before, I spent the week with my family in what proved to be a very sunny Cornwall. By all accounts, the weather back here was not so good…....!! Once I had adapted to having no phone signal or wi-fi, I was lucky enough to find a few sea waves to splash about in with my children, although my family were rather unimpressed with my attempts to get back on a surfboard!!

In assembly this morning I asked if any of our pupils aspired to be a teacher when they get older……...quite a few hands were raised! I explained that sometimes, it is simply the best job to have in the world. As a teacher, you get to see and be part of so much progress, success, enthusiasm and endeavour, all of which I have had the satisfaction of observing in abundance this week.

Whether it be our with our pleasing Academic Assessment results which are coming home today (except for Reception who do their own benchmarking analysis, and Year 6), our outstanding triumph on Wednesday winning the ISA Regional Athletics Championships, or our Chess masters in their Jamboree, the pupils have been their ‘Best Selves’ in all aspects of Claires Court life, and I am very proud of their wonderful attitude to school. I finished my assembly assuring the boys that the most important success they achieve is when they follow the Golden Rules closely. As you can imagine, we had a large number of Rabbit nominations this week!

Our Year 6 boys are either touring North Devon wielding their cricket bats, or learning the more advanced arts of Bushcraft in their local expedition. Either way, they are very busy and we wish them all the best of luck. Year 5 actors who are currently at Windsor Castle in fancy dress for the Queen’s birthday celebrations - they have dressed up as civilians from the 1930’s and the 1990’s!! Year 5 also enjoyed a visit to Claires Court Senior Boys on Thursday where they were introduced to several of the secondary teachers and had some great fun making their boats.

As we move towards the end of term, please do keep a close eye on important dates and events that are coming up. I will be holding my Year Group Information Mornings very soon, letters will be coming home for this early next week. I hope you are all able to attend so that I can prepare you for what to expect as your son moves up a year group in September! There are also Parents’ Evenings and a number of Bushcraft/camping dates to bear in mind.

Susan Payne has had another excellent week in relation to her recovery, and she is hoping to be moved into a rehabilitation ward whenever a space becomes available. She is still not feeling too many unpleasant effects of the chemotherapy, and she has been bragging to us all that she can now take quite a few steps, for which she has a brand new pair of Nike trainers…….her first ever pair of trainers she tells us!!! As always, she thanks you all for your neverending support.

I will leave you with my most treasured memory so far this term which occurred on Wednesday while I was commentating to over 1000 people at the Athletics event in Eton. At the end of a rather gruelling long distant event, as soon as the first 3 boys crossed the line, they refused to leave the track and go into their ’places’ for the judges…...they simply waited at the finish line to shake hands with every athlete who took part in the race, embracing the last place runner as he struggled across the line. I am happy to say that Claires Court boys were involved in this, and this happened at the end of most of the events. Sportsmanship and modesty remain at the top of your sons priority list, something we are all so proud of.


Have a super weekend.

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