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Mr Richards' Words Summer 2

Encouraging ‘risk taking’ is an essential element of our educational ethos. We enjoy seeking out opportunities for the boys to tackle a challenge confidently. We also do not mind if they fail or find it hard at first, provided they are supported and championed to persevere and be ultimately successful. These risks occur in all curriculum areas, inside and outside of the classroom or during our excellent activity programme. Knowing our pupils well, as we do, is hugely important at Junior Boys as what characterises a responsible risk for one child can be an insurmountable hurdle for another and a piece of cake for a third.

Another way we challenge them is through assessment and over the next little while the boys will be taking a few risks to demonstrate their learning. We would like the boys to perform in an anxiety free environment. As we have been reminding them in assembly all they can do is their best.

Triumph or disaster might happen in some papers. Both, along with responsible risk taking were in abundance last Saturday morning. It was with a heavy heart that we had to trust our instincts and accept the weather threat to the circus. I am, however, gladdened by the positive response. It felt like a disaster that we had to postpone after all the organising and early morning preparations. It was a triumph that 500+ tickets had been sold, and then a great example of teamwork that 99% of people were informed before they arrived.

It also gives me a fantastic chance to say thank you to our PTA and also for the support they receive from other site committees. We are extremely fortunate that Mrs Notton-Brown and her stalwarts do so much for all our benefit. I also know that they are always looking for more support. Perhaps one or two might be able to take a risk to offer some help.

Good luck to the U11 soccer teams who both qualified for the ISA Nationals this weekend. I hope they take a risk at the right end of the pitch and massive congratulations to Josh Sharma Y5 who knows his way round a chess board. He has been selected to represent England at U11 level.

View the gallery of the week here.

Have an amazing Bank Holiday weekend.

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