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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Richards' Words Summer 3

Step inside this place and what do you see … a final quiet moment, before the day accelerates, allows dreams of straight Roman roads heading off into the distance. An anachronistic electric gate whirrs open and returns me to the modern world. The scene is set as the sunshine warms the air.

Senses suddenly hit by happy pupils munching toast already building friendships that last forever. Colleagues planning, conversing and smiling.  A coffee machine already straining is a welcome distraction as the computers flicker. Time to glance up and view the unspoilt panorama. An undisturbed doe and fawn graze contentedly upon the outfield. Teaching and life skills for some has already begun.

Boys, bursting, bouncing boisterously across the playground shatter the peace of our hidden gem. Caps, puppets, invasions and paper flights are the games of choice. The bell reverberates and brings the hubbub to a halt. Manners and role modelling are now high on display. Warmth of greeting and subtle support to those who need a boost are offered with genuine respect. Heads' now held up an inch or two taller play ancient rituals in the sheds before the register.

Lessons, listening, looking, learning, and laughter. Energy, enthusiasm, excitement and engagement from colleagues keen to inspire. Measuring and experimenting, problem solving and setting, programming and google opportunities aplenty.

Breaktime beckons but a bold knock raps upon the door - is it a birthday cake or a boy with a book beaming with pride. Both are equally welcome! A bump, a wail, then a friendly face and a hobbling boy patched up with ‘tlc’ as our nurses perform magical surgery and adorn a plaster or three.  Imagination and trusty favourites cause breathless fun but then all too quickly it is back to our studies where a book to read restores the calmness and we are ready to think, to ask, to reason and to discover.

Stomachs grumble and senses salivate as sausages sizzle. Vegetables dare 'go on be brave' whilst polite boys chatter, a milestone is recognised with song and cheers. Out and about for more adventures. Splash and shrieks from the pool, critique and colours cascade creatively, thwack and howzat, encouragement and teamwork. Tradition and progression. Care and commitment, young and old working together. You will be noticed, you will be welcomed, your bad days disappear when you set foot in this place.

I see this everyday when I set foot in this place.

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Ridgeway, The Thicket, Maidenhead, SL6 3QE

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