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Claires Court Maidenhead

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Mr Richards' Words Summer 6

The boys are back at Junior Boys! They all certainly appear to have had great fun and achieved much last week. I know from the buzz, both inside and out, that the high spirits have continued. Hopefully, both cricket tours and the outward bound camp will also enjoy good weather, plenty of challenges and the strengthening of friendships this weekend.

Good weather and comradeship was a must for the D-Day landings all those years ago. I am so very envious of Henry’s (Year 1) trip to Normandy. Democracy, tolerance, choice and freedom were values won and it is important that we reflect upon the sacrifice of so many to allow us to enjoy what we have now. My family’s links to this event are strong and are a cause of triumph but for so many individuals involved on all sides, the battles brought about disaster.

Disaster is also our new theme for assembly. We are trying to encourage the boys to consider how we can overcome them and be more resilient! 5M brilliantly presented their ideas on Wednesday.

Our boys also performed fantastically in the afternoon at the ISA regional athletics (hosted by Claires Court) at the Thames Valley Athletics Stadium. Many medals won and records broken!

Many other events are also crammed into our busy schedule. Productions, off site visits, a tea party, mini enterprises, speech and drama recitals as well as the Fete and Circus extravaganza.  Swimming galas, cricket and Sports’ Day also complete our House challenges. Presently the coloured discs are stacked heavily in favour of Dorney and Fawley.

Our well constructed creative curriculum has the most important aim to help children become enthusiastic learners. This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts. Our boys achieve, they are allowed to grow, they develop good habits and are nurtured so that they can be happy just being themselves.  Adults, are one ingredient for this successful recipe and it is with a heavy heart that I announce that three of our support staff have decided to fly the nest. My thanks go to Mrs Downey, Mrs Baker and Mr Hill (also once a school boy here) who have contributed so much in so many fields.

Change happens and I am therefore delighted to announce that our new experienced teachers Miss Harrison and Miss Oakes are looking forward to meeting their classes. Mr Grose will be adding dash and considerable style within Year 3. Mrs MacDonald, a very highly experienced educationalist is also ecstatic at her appointment and along with Mr Griffiths, who will add much to our support team.

Exciting times ahead and I hope that my Headmaster’s Homework is more than just a magnificent 7!

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