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Mr Richards' Words Summer 10

Headmaster for the Day - Master Holdway’s Words: 

Mr Richards asked me to see him. I was a little bit apprehensive but I was very surprised when he told me that my Mum had won the raffle at the PTA Summer Fair and Circus. I soon became very excited when I heard that my prize was to be Headmaster for the day. Mr Richards said he was going to go fishing.

As Headmaster I have welcomed assembly and Mr Leuzinger talked to the school about ‘triumphs’ and some space ‘disasters!’ He encouraged us to dream and realise that any one of us could be anything we wanted. I also challenged the boys to work hard and that on my 'Learning Walk' I would decide if we should extend break time. I was really pleased that everyone’s behaviour and application was spectacular. As an extra treat I blew the whistle and opened the lawn to a massive cheering crowd.

I felt very happy reading out and shaking hands when I gave out the merits and masters of multiplication awards, as well as a rabbit to the Terry boys for their great spirit at House Rounders and also a surprise one for Mr Leuzinger. Coloured discs were won by Fawley for Sports Day and Cliveden for last week’s House Points.

I decided that Headmasters work very hard and that sometimes they need a relaxing lunch with some friends. I invited three buddies to join me for a pizza feast in the study. It was delicious but there were quite a few envious faces watching us at the window.

In the afternoon I took the opportunity to stroll down to observe the excited rehearsal of the Pre-Prep Production. I also watched a couple of overs of Year 6’s Caribbean House cricket. The ball was being smashed all over the pitch! It was very competitive and I was impressed with their sportsmanship. I wonder who will win the coloured disc?

Mr Richards did give me a task to complete which is these ‘Words’ I hope you are enjoying them?

I thought that I would tell you, ‘Why I think Junior Boys is special.’  

Friendships are really easy to make. I trust them and they always have my back. We are able to share ideas and interests because there so much to do and try.

When I sometimes dawdle in class I find that I have been staring at the beautiful view of the grass and pitches. This makes me feel happy and chilled because there is no motorway or traffic pollution.

In lessons teachers ask questions that make me think. I am not made to struggle and I get lots of inspiration. My teachers make me feel good by smiling and always being happy.

We get involved in many events. Last Friday I was overjoyed at the amazing athletic performances. There were brilliant races, throw and jumps. You can win loads of medals but it is not all about the medals, it is about teamwork and trying your best. I think everyone got it correct. Thank you to the sports staff who organised it all. 

The Homework Exhibition also demonstrated the width and different thinking of us all. I have told Mr Richards what next year’s word should be!

In the late afternoon I asked questions to Year 1 about their trip to Windsor Castle. I learnt a lot about King Arthur and Windsor Castle. It was very interesting and I learnt a lot myself. It reminded me of when I was in Year 1 going to Windsor Castle 3 years ago. And I heard they all acted very responsibly representing the school.

And now I'm writing the bulletin at 3:30 and just one more thing -  I think from my fantastic day my best bit was... all of it!

Now I can hand the job back to Mr Richards to carry on. I hope you enjoyed my words. 

Yours sincerely

Master Holdway

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