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Claires Court Maidenhead

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Mr Richards' Words Autumn 3

As Robert Ingersoll once said, “We rise by lifting others.” This week it has been a common theme that has resonated strongly with me.  I have given tours around the school with prospective parents and pupils and witnessed kind behaviour from our boys. On Thursday afternoon, achievements were also recognised at the Senior School Awards celebrations and that, I believe, fills CCJB in an intangible way. That of ’Giving’.

In its most simplistic form, many have donated a pound to adorn themselves in denim combinations today for Jeans for Genes (thank you). Harvest preparations are also being planned and I hope to be able to connect with the theme from Henry’s ‘Headmaster’s Homework’ project from last year which was ‘How to feed a family of 4 for a week’ and this has inspired our charity of choice this year. We were all also given excellent age appropriate awareness from our NSPCC presenters in assembly.

Our boys, at the drop of a hat, have warmly welcomed and given visitors superb tours, proudly showing off their school and how they all contribute positively to it. 

The activity programme has enriched our offer this week and it is great to see the opportunities that are available to be explored and to boost self-esteem and build strong relationships. Our co-curricular pillars of art, chess, drama, music and sport provide challenge, enjoyment and excitement and are supported by the extensive before and after school clubs. I am so fortunate that my colleagues are so talented and able to inspire in so many cerebral, creative and physical areas.  I fully support the sensible decisions to play touch rugby matches whilst our grounds remain so unforgiving.  My colleagues also frequently go the extra mile and one way they demonstrate this is by spending time away from their own families to provide amazing residential experiences. Year 5 are presently developing their social and risk taking skills at the Marchants Hill Centre. I am sure they will have a tale to tell on their return on Sunday.

Our nurses also underpin our offer. Their expertise and the tlc that flows is heart warming. The boys definitely pick up on this wonderful role modelling and on more than one occasion older boys have stopped playing their own games to tend to younger peers who are a little overawed or are unsure of themselves. Hopefully the nursing staff will not be needed at the PTA Fireworks! The combined PTA’s are also hard at work giving many unnoticed hours preparing for the event. I hope the date October 12 is circled in your diaries.

On Thursday at Speech Day it was wonderful to see many of our ‘old boys’ receiving well deserved accolades and recognition for giving their best in many curriculum areas. Just as pleasing was to see the joy and their excellent manners. Our ethos and combined inputs certainly do create well rounded contributors.

I have been walking tall all this week from everyone’s commitment - we really do rely upon each other here at CCJB.

To conclude with a topical rugby comment (England v Wales RWC19 final??)  I wish to share an excited Year 4 boy’s recollection after his first ever school match, journey and tea. "It was fantastic, we scored loads of tries and so did they. The final score was eleventeen each ... no 110 points each no 11 tries all.” Simply brilliant!

Have a great weekend.


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