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Claires Court Maidenhead

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Mr Richards' Words Autumn 4

Twitter - or not to twitter. Have I become obsessed? Why does it take me so long? Why do I get so anxious before I press tweet? What does it add? Is there anyone out there looking, reading or listening? These are all questions I ask myself.

Well I hope so and I hope it gives a flavour of our well rounded, get involved, aim high, dream big and be kind - values that we hold so dearly here. It has also given me an insight once again how we all feel when we are out of our comfort zone and facing new challenges.

Year 5 did this magnificently last weekend when they shared great experiences with my colleagues and their friends at the Junior Girls. Rafting, jacob’s ladder, the leap of faith, hiking or just even sleeping stretched them. There were a number of very tired boys going past me at the gate on Monday. Fortunately almost all had recovered their zip by Wednesday!

Dreaming big was certainly at the forefront of our U11A team on Wednesday evening. They were afforded an amazing opportunity to play at Allianz Park, the home of the present England captain Owen Farrell and numerous other Rugby World Cup stars. And why not? Boys - with dedication, determination and a little good fortune, it could be you in 2031!







Dreams and aspirations are not confined to the sports field and I was conflicted by an email I received last week informing me of an absence. With my academic hat on I should have been slightly annoyed but the passion and cause seemed most appropriate. Greta Thunberg’s simple picture post and use of social media has definitely captured the dreams and desires of a younger generation and I look forward to Joaquin’s leadership of our new eco clubs. How many followers does Greta have - is envy a feeling I should acknowledge or should I recognise my limits?

Roald Dahl’s imagination certainly held no limits and also with his BFG masterpiece allowed dreams to be used in a most positive way. Year One’s work on this author also inspired me to one recent hashtag! Mrs Flood, our wonderful librarian, was also delighted with the number of summer readers and I am thrilled that this essential and enchanting past time is being considered by a number of colleagues to further enhance and capture our boys in a most positive way.

Roald was born 100 years ago. If only I had 100 followers, perhaps my dream of an Eddie Jones call up is unrealistic at this stage in my athletic life. Perhaps I should settle on not being seen as a gruesome grown-up, child-hating headteacher, like Miss Trunchbull in Matilda?

Have a dreamy and wonderful weekend.

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