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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Richards' Words Autumn 5

Surprises can be great and surprises can also bring out quite the opposite feeling. Just ask the opinion of those involved in the Japan v Ireland match last weekend!

Earlier this week one of our fixture buses arrived much later than expected and although it was a surprise, what was not a surprise to me, was the sensible and calm response from the adults involved, well done everyone! 

6P’s super assembly certainly surprised many of us in the calories guessing game on Wednesday. 'My portrait' by Reception also surprised me but I was also very grateful to have my hair (albeit grey) fully restored! One unwanted surprise to me recently was also the resignation letter that I received from Miss Millward. Grace has decided to take a break before restarting her University studies. I would like to thank her for her outstanding creativity, commitment and caring nurture of our youngest boys and wider school in general. Her beaming smile will be missed after half term.

In school, early polite communication can often solve those moments that can cause surprise. I am therefore glad that both our 'Start of Term Information Meetings' and latterly our 'Pastoral Parents’ Meetings' went so well and our superb Form Tutors were able to meet so many, explaining our values and giving direction.

It is also great to highlight the well attended 'Year 6 and Senior Boys Future School Meeting' today. As 6Bs recent assembly was on Charles Darwin and evolution it is perhaps a timely link to say that your sons are also on a journey of educational discovery similar in length here to the voyage of HMS Beagle! We will also give them chances to explore and develop on it.

Our offer is continually developing and my diligent leadership team frequently conduct formal observations and informal learning walks. We are not surprised to hear the fantastically positive and encouraging language that demonstrate strong relationships between young and old.

To create more opportunities to talk, the Senior Leadership Team are always at the gate at in the morning and we are pleased that our first ‘drop in’ coffee morning is on Tuesday 8 October, from 8.45-9.45am in the mezzanine. Mrs Stay will lead us through a quick overview of the fantastic site specific review she led last year. Many of the recommendations have already seamlessly taken place. Mr James Wilding is also hoping to be on the playground on a Wednesday morning as regularly as possible which is a very generous use of his time in his amazingly busy schedule.

Our visitors were also very generous and unanimous at the very well attended Open Morning. The tour guides had all conducted themselves and communicated the ‘end product’ of a Junior Boys education so positively - well rounded, unpretentious and kind contributors. That was not a surprise to me at all!

Have a good weekend.

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