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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

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Mr Richards' Words Autumn 6

Today’s ‘When I grow up’ was a wonderful day of big dreams and future aspirations. The boys certainly demonstrated a complete range of hopes. I wonder how many will have had their photo taken today and will revisit it in the decades to come and say, ‘I did it?’

Our pathways are full of twists and turns and often there are forks in the road that we have to choose. These selections can be difficult. Some of us understandably take the option that is most travelled for reassurance whilst others who have developed greater resilience, independence or are just more of a risk taker take the potentially harder one.

Creating choice and experiences for our boys so that they can be stretched in a secure environment is a core ingredient of our Claires Court Essentials. Our excellent extra activity programme allows exploration and talents to shine. I am always delighted when pupils take on a new one. Our curriculum also creates challenges; whether these are from discreet assessments, regular mini-tests, good questioning, working together in a group or being determined as an individual not to give up when it gets a bit tricky. We actually do like our boys to get it wrong as this means they are learning.

Presenting assemblies to a parent audience is another example of challenge and I am continually amazed by their interpretations, independent work and performance. 6O raised the bar again this week with a brilliant delve into the life and work of Stephen Hawking.

Our busy schedule has also provided chances for success in ISA Art, Swimming and for the first time Golf competitions. Well done to all those who represented the School or entered pieces. Good luck also to the House Maths finalists today who are under the spotlight! We also announced each Form’s Pupil Voice representative, the School Librarians and Shop Managers. Well done to them all. We do expect them all to lead with dignity, to contribute and help develop their School.

Our School’s pastoral development was articulated wonderfully by Mrs Stay at our first SLT and Parents’ coffee morning. I know from what I witness on a daily basis that our care is rightly regarded as excellent. It also encompasses all of the challenges and needs described above allowing an ethos and culture to emerge where individuals are allowed to flourish. It certainly allows the boys to make mistakes, take chances and catches them with a safe cushion when they need a boost, greater support or indeed direction.

So in what direction was I heading when I was 9? ‘A police frogman’. I am not quite sure why or what happened to that dream and my attempts at snorkelling this summer suggest I was not suited to it but at least my Action Man had a brilliant time and was dressed magnificently!

See you at the Fireworks.

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