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Mr Richards' Words Autumn 10

At the beginning of the week we celebrated our House Science contestants, chess competitors and swimming stars. Whilst at the end of it we were entertained by an amazing array of performances at our fabulous Informal Concert and by 5V’s excellent Parent Assembly. All had taken part in a wide range of challenges and demonstrated determination and desire but, above all, a willingness to achieve personal and/or team success. Winning is great, but being able to recognise that they have all done their best is equally as important. Staff and other adults were mightily impressed with their sportsmanship, musicianship, presentation skills and their ability to encourage each other. Well done everyone.


These qualities were abundantly obvious to our guests on Tuesday at our Open Morning. Year 6 boys delighted everyone with the care and pride that they took in showing off their school. “unpretentious, confident, polite, natural and charming” were great compliments attributed to them.

Many in Year 6 have also taken up the challenge of the Junior Boys General Election and I hope to be able to tweet a few party political ideas shortly. Passions run deeply in our older boys and they certainly understand democracy. Fortunately, debating techniques are beginning to recognise the quality of the arguments rather than the decibel level!

I am constantly thrilled by the breadth and width of knowledge on offer from our talented members of staff. In the last little while, I have been fortunate enough to witness and observe:

Mr Goddard’s ‘Stanley Spencer’ Christmas Cards entries. The boys have once again shown that they enjoy the freedom to be creative, exploring their own ideas and respecting each other’s offerings. 

Mr Rowan’s amazing after school photography club that allows the oldest pupils to be inspired to capture the world around them. 

I was engrossed by the positive atmosphere established by Mr Barber’s sympathetic and encouragingly optimistic attitude on the games field whilst refereeing a tough game against OPS. 

In Year 3, Mr Grose’s building composters on the terrace looked both engaging, inspiring and messy. 

Year 2 have started their Nativity rehearsals and I have watched them grow in confidence. One realises just how fortunate they are to be surrounded by such caring, patient and multi- talented adults.

One such adult who has recently joined our team is Miss Oakes. She says, “I feel extremely privileged to work in such a calm, caring and nurturing environment. The boys are polite, hard working and have amazing attitudes to learning: one of the main reasons why I am loving my job here at Claires Court. Really early on into the term I could see how the strong creative curriculum here lends itself well to the boys developing into mature individuals. Recently, it has been wonderful to work with the boys in Year 6 on their political party campaigns; being able to see their leadership skills come to life. 

However, my true passion is Mathematics. I have been lucky enough to train as a Maths Mastery Specialist, in which I have supported the teaching and learning within local primary and secondary schools. Challenge and scaffolding are areas that are key to my practice and are important for all children to succeed.”

My final thought for the week was suggested by Mrs Carter who was staggered by the number of boys who turned up to school without a coat. Mr Thompson, who is a great role model for the boys, even wears a coat!  We will know when winter has really started when he dons his tracksuit bottoms but in the meantime, please make sure your sons wrap up warm in this cold weather.

Have a great weekend.

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