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Mr Richards' Words Autumn 11

Over the last little while we have reported to parents at our academically focused Parents’ Meetings. We all aspire for the best for our children and I am reassured from the reviews conducted afterwards that we are working well in partnership and that our boys are making progress at their appropriate pace. We all understand and embrace that our non selective approach and secure multi talented, well rounded pupils are happy, contribute, committed to improving and are not frightened of mistakes or speaking up.


Colleagues are now writing their reports for the end of term. Please do share them with the boys as a learning guide as well. In response to my conversations last year with many parents we have planned an additional opportunity shortly after the festive break to meet with parents again. These consultations are designed to discuss the reports if there are any questions or concerns. There certainly should not be any surprises. Please do not feel that you must come!

This week, instead of a guest adult writer, I thought it would be good to hear from the boys. A random selection of boys were asked the following;

What have they loved?

How have they been challenged?


Would they change anything?

What have you loved....

Reception - I love Swimming and PE. The teachers are really nice.

Year 1 - I love Maths and breakfast club because I can play with my friends. I also like playing with the Young Leaders because they play different games with us.

Year 2 - We love the teachers and lessons. We love school!

Year 3 - We love lunch and break times to play and the lessons.

Year 4 - The teachers and all the fun lessons. I like the hot lunches. I like the ISA and Art competitions we do, they are different and fun.

Year 5 - The teachers. They're always nice and they help you out when you're struggling. It's nice to know they are always there if you are stuck in lessons or with friends. 

Year 6 - We love sport here because the teachers are nice and their teaching methods are great, they keep us moving and the fields are big with a lot of space.

How have you been challenged  ....

Reception - Writing is tricky but the teachers always help me.

Year 1 - Sometimes Maths lessons are difficult but I like working hard.

Year 2 - Yes the lessons are a challenge, sometimes I could do more, but school is good.

Year 3 - Yes but we would like more problems in lessons. 

Year 4 - When we learn new things, it is hard at first but eventually we get better with the help and support from the teachers.

Year 5 - Yes, it has been just right and we are always supported when we don’t understand.

Year 6 - Yes some work has been difficult but not too much that it is not impossible. The teachers always support you and help you improve.

Would you change anything....

Reception - I would like more games. 

Year 1 - I would like a bigger playground.

Year 2 - We would love a slide on the lawn!

Year 3 - One big school and more ICT and Sport lessons.

Year 4 - Change the playground to rubber tarmac so people don't get bumped. 

Year 5 - I would like more Games lessons. 

Year 6 - More variety in food, more Sport and Swimming but the overall education is great. 

Food for thought indeed - have a great weekend.

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