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from Nursery to Sixth Form


Pupils and colleagues continue to amaze me at Junior Boys. Passion, personality and partnerships are words that leap out to me. One boy elevated a buoyant mood by dropping in unannounced because he just wanted to get the following off his chest, “Mr Richards, Mr Richards I just wanted to tell you if I didn’t come to this school I could be in a job in the future being bored but thanks to my classes I have lots of variety including drama and sport. If I had grown up at my old school I wouldn’t know what talents I have or have such good friends to have fun with." He then rushed off as quickly as he had arrived with a beaming smile to his next lesson. I did manage to catch up with him later in the day to discuss and explore his thoughts.

On Monday in assembly Ms Stay introduced our PSHE programme for the upcoming weeks which is based on our ‘dreams and goals’. She was thoughtfully and entertainingly assisted by Miss Oakes, Mrs Morgan and Mr Hogg who demonstrated and explained their ambitions. The use of the inflating balloons to represent the struggles and the journey was a vivid hook for us all. The boys certainly grasped the message and I was delighted by their responses and their developing use of vocabulary.

Pride and perseverance were two of their offerings that resonated with me as I reflected upon the conversations we had last Friday after our Reception Class Open Morning. The visitors were all delighted by the intangible atmosphere within the school - ‘friendly, warm, engaged and happy’ and by the huge contribution made by our wonderfully proud, polite communicators within Year 6 who either entertained our youngest guests or toured prospective parents. The values exuded by our staff, parents and pupils whom they met during the morning confirmed to me that the message that we put the boys first, care deeply about them as individuals and work in partnership together is very healthy. This belief was strengthened by the conversations held during our Reports Parents Evening on Monday night. This additional opportunity provided the chance to develop relationships, give direction, support, advice or reassurance to those who attended. I was also pleased that many more felt confident that they were able to rely upon the open channels and messages that had previously been delivered.  

Envious noses twitched this week as many of us thought deliveries of another kind had been ordered. Reception boys were the lucky ones and were thrilled by their pizza making trip. Older boys were also enthralled by the planetarium workshop which always stimulates with a fantastic dreamy, sensory experience.

Before I sign off for the weekend I would like to wish all the boys in Year 6 who are attending the Senior Boys Scholarship morning good luck and to encourage as many boys, Years 3 to 6 in particular, to discover a poem that they wish to perform at our all inclusive and fast approaching House Poetry competition.

I wonder if any boys in the hall have dreamt of, or, aspired to be a Tim Peake, an Antonio Carluccio, a Edward Lear or even like my unexpected guest, a David Brent.

Have a great weekend.

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