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Mr Richards' Words Lent 4

Learning and thinking is stimulated by many opportunities and in a variety of ways. One fantastic hook for us all was 5M’s amazing assembly last week on Sir Edmund Halley’s life and works. Mrs Morgan and her scientific researchers created a masterpiece linking risk taking, facts and information, as well as creativity and presentation skills. I for one could not imagine the risk taking involved in his underwater diving bell. How cool is it to have a comet named after you? William Duke of Normandy certainly used it according to the 1066 story. Whereas I would just like to be able to see the next one scheduled for July 2061!

Last week a Year 5 pupil gave me a brilliant sound bite. This week I received another when a mother approached me saying "My son just loves history... we were discussing the Tudors and who was his favourite character. My son thought Henry VIII, he is just so inspired by Mrs Ward.’  He told me ‘Elizabeth I is Mrs Ward’s’ favourite Tudor, giving me many reasons why and exclaimed ‘The queen had to make big decisions and did not need a man to help her!"

Music is an important cross curricular pillar at Junior Boys and I welcome Mr Andy Hiles into our community. I know he will continue to develop the wonderful legacy created by Mr Rowan and add his own creativity to the mix. Mrs Stevenson also took the Year 3 boys and girls to the Children’s Concert on Wednesday. A wonderful opportunity for all to appreciate, participate and perhaps as a result, take a risk and join our growing band of musicians and performers. I am also delighted that our older pupils are presently enjoying the commitment it takes to go to the Wembley Arena next week to join in the Young Voices Concert.

Another of our pillars that produce plenty of passion is sport. Year 5 played fantastically in their first fixture, coming up against a much larger number of boys, but they acquitted themselves with distinction. I cherish the fact that our games department instils a wonderful ‘have a go’ spirit and 'just be as good as we can be' attitude without worrying about results. Years 4 and 6 also achieved a range of results and it was delightful to converse with and observe watching parents who were all encouraging teams to run, tackle, pass, dive (only the goalkeeper!) and shoot energetically in all matches. The match teas were heartily devoured and thoroughly deserved on bitterly cold afternoons.

Cookery wowed and warmed up Year 2. I was relieved that there was just enough Rocky Road left over - delicious, thank you! They certainly were buzzing round the playground afterwards. I had just finished licking my lips when 13 excited pre-prep ‘world changers’ excitedly brought me another present. Miss Morris has really enthused their commitment. I opened the gift and was surprised by the number and variety of crisp packets, assorted tupperware tops and the like that that they had discovered around the prep playground! We decided there and then that we should speak as a united voice to the school the next morning at our first ‘reading’ assembly.

To conclude, I once again wish our budding scholars, sportsmen, artists, musicians, programmers and actors, good luck this weekend. Regardless of your choice or pathway all you can do is your very best and be proud of your efforts. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

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