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I am often asked what words would you use to describe Junior Boys. Happy, inspiring, lively, kind, family are some that spring to mind. Another is certainly ‘busy’ and this chimed with me this week as we looked forward to planning next term and beyond as well as making sure that this week and the rapidly disappearing half term proceeds seamlessly.

On Monday Mr Rowan’s uplifting assembly songs, which are energetically sung, bring much wellbeing into the hall. Ms Stay helped this feeling grow as we considered healthy bodies and how we fuel them. We then proceeded to give out the Year 6 edible prizes from their buzzing charity stalls! Any pupils who saw the contradiction were swiftly guided to recognise the sweet temptations as treats, which are of course good in moderation. Cross country runners then headed off in determined fashion to overcome the challenging course conditions. The racers secured some very impressive results in a large field. Throughout the day boys were then seen bustling about school engaged in a task where they had to get all their books ready for the workshare; for some this can be quite an achievement in itself! This event is always a highlight for many of the boys as they get an opportunity to demonstrate their industry, best pieces and the ones where they found it more challenging but also more importantly, to reflect upon their effort and application as well as presentation. I hope you enjoyed the chance to have an animated and supportive conversation rather than an inspection based approach. The car park and driveway was certainly busy and as I said in my follow up email we certainly appreciated the patience and positive spirit. A few boys certainly were inspired by the car rescues from the verge.

The games department were absorbed surrounding metrological websites or in sun dance rituals to encourage the weather gods to shine favourably for the Year 5 tournament this afternoon. Regrettably and only after considerable deliberation we had to take the sensible early decision to postpone it. We are however keen to reschedule it on Friday 20 March.

On my trips round school it was good to see a vibrant humming and solid focus as well as much excitement. Reception had a storyteller visit this week. Year 3 had an industrious construction session with a Lego Workshop. Whilst Year 4 began to realise that their lines do all need learning at home as well as school. Hoodwinked rehearsals are alive and going full steam ahead. They also managed to throw in a  wonderful charity break time this morning raising £280. Their class teachers will thoroughly deserve a good glass of something strong this evening! 

The atmosphere was completed with a healthy amount of Open Day prospective parents once again guided expertly by our Year 6 boys. Many of whom have received super scholarship offers from our Senior Boys alongside Grammar and other destinations this week. Well done to them all for their industry and determination.

Perhaps though the busiest person of the week was Mrs Flood. Our wonderful Librarian who has been organising and displaying the amazing ‘book scene’ dioramas that the most industrious of boys have produced over the holiday. What an amazingly creative and inspiring idea. I hope you managed to pop in to see them - wonderful.


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