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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Richards' Words Lent 9

Wow and I thought last week was busy! Competition, teamwork, culinary delights, positive approaches and winning are some of the themes that have emerged this week. Monday saw the whole school cooperate to host a fantastic ISA Regional tournament. The logistical triumph and sporting success was organised by Mr Barber and countless colleagues. Pleasingly, the boys responded with the U11 A’s reaching the cup semi-finals and have now progressed to the National Finals in May at the FA Centre of Excellence. Quite an achievement and a tremendous reward to a good term’s endeavours. A special mention should go to the B team as well who competed with energy, effort and enterprise, playing A teams throughout.


The competition was strong but sportsmanship was even more demonstrable from both players and spectators alike. There were also quite a few delighted squeals from teams who perhaps left earlier than desired as Dave and his dependable tractor freed minibuses and cars from the quagmire. 

Boys in Year 5 and 6 recently entered 'The Primary Maths Challenge'. Mrs Henry and their teachers were delighted that three boys were invited to participate in the bonus round. For the first time ever one of them achieved a silver award, fantastic.

All were kept refreshed during the afternoon by our often unsung catering department. Lunch is a social occasion (occasionally too social) but a couple of older boys had a contest of their own on Tuesday to see who could eat the slowest. Fortunately this gave me company as I arrived later than expected. Our conversation drifted to their ideas on healthy competition and how they handle it. Albeit only a 1% sample, they were able to articulate between mouthfuls of pasty, salad and other morsels that they enjoyed the inter school matches and especially that everyone in the year group played. House events were possibly even more exciting and trying to do their best in exams were another form of challenge altogether. I was rather pleased that neither felt threatened by being stretched and despite the boys heading in different future directions, they certainly respected each other’s successes and accomplishments. They knew that as long as they tried hard, that was the most important factor in my eyes. 

In addition Lorraine and her team have also provided Year 6 with a wartime rations recipe. Carrot cookies certainly created a surprisingly sweet sensation.

The experience of winning, losing, and every result in between are sensations that we attempt to give the boys and we are constantly working on their self esteem, personal development and ability to handle these twin imposters. In partnership it would be beneficial to us all if we focus on their ‘I can’ moments before we try to dissect their day forensically and over analyse every moment. In a funny way I am pleased that the boys are often quite reticent to tell us all about every event of the day. It is their day after all. I am also delighted that my colleagues constantly present opportunities for boys to have a champion when winning in life is not quite as easy to understand. Working together is certainly one of Junior Boys' strengths. 

Day trips add much enjoyment and strengthens understanding. Year 2  were all encouraged to think by delving into historical sources at the National Archives this week. They also received the greatest compliment about their behaviour and interest whilst Year 1 were stunned by the outstanding production of the Lion King at Junior Girls. I was disappointed not to be able to attend.

By accompanying Year 4 to Bournemouth, I will see the group becoming stronger for their unique whole year football and friendship dash into Hampshire. It was also a positive distraction before they finalise their Hoodwinked preparations next week. 

Today’s Year 3 Charity cake sale raised £171.20. I wonder has anyone left any cakes for me? Thank you Noah for my ‘birthday’ treat. Well done to Year 1 whom I hear produced an excellent assembly this morning.

Have a good weekend.

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