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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Richards' Words Lent 11

Well done everyone. A week where we have all been exposed to a new way of learning, delivering, supporting and working. Young and old have all experienced highs and lows, no doubt laughing, connecting, smiling and probably, on occasion, howling with frustration. The Richards household comprises a very conventional two adults and two older children but no dog (yet!)  and we all go in various ways to four different education establishments. Four conference calls, four ways of remote learning; it has been fascinating especially when we are all talking but not to each other. I still have not acquired an appreciation of rap music though! What I do know is that we are all providing the best, have made the most of a very demanding situation and are developing what we are doing.

At Junior Boys I have been very proud to see the further strengthening of relationships between colleagues, pupils and families. Despite our remoteness we are all a part of a healthy, vibrant Claires Court family and once we get through this period we should certainly have learned to appreciate and respect each other as well as others whom we might sometimes overlook in our wider community. Well done to those boys and parents who have managed to help those self-isolating nearby.

Positivity is a huge factor in our ability to conform to lock down and social distancing, and I have been thrilled that our positive poem suggestion was well received and the ones that I have been shared into have made me smile, reflect and helped me connect. Thank you. I will do my best to reply to you all.

Thank you is a little phrase that I often try to add in my words, it is so important. I really want to THANK you, the parents, for your overwhelming positive reaction and support of your children as well as the school. My colleagues are working tremendously hard and they are only encouraged by this camaraderie and ‘all in it together’ spirit. We are looking at making adjustments, as we always have, but we do not want to lurch and stumble, confusing everyone in the process.

On occasion the modern world’s reliance on social media and the need for everyone to demonstrate dramatic happiness can be overwhelming. Please, we can all only do our best, everyone’s situation is different. Please do not worry if not all work is completed, please do not feel that you have to carry out every suggestion. We will try not to overburden you with ideas or communication. We are trying to strike a sensible balance and only wish to be supportive.

Change has been rapid, some of it is making us anxious and rightly so, but some of the changes have been positive. People saying hello to each other, admittedly from a distance now. We ask how we are. We get quality time to listen and appreciate each other. The environment and pollution over cities and in rivers has become cleaner. Small crumbs of comfort perhaps?

One thing that has not changed is my propensity to write too much! I leave you with a quote that resonated with me: 

“Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses but to discover our strengths”

Stay safe.

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