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Head's Words Summer Term Week 10

Some of my friends who do not work in education ask me if I find my job boring at all. The answer is always a very polite but firm ‘Never!!’ Take this morning for example: I arrived at school at around 7am to be greeted by Steve, my ever present Site Manager, with the news that there had been some issues relating to our alarm system, and we had to evacuate the school. Thankfully there were very few people to evacuate! However, by greeting the incident commander from the Fire Service this morning (please see the picture gallery for evidence!), it certainly made for an interesting if not slightly unusual first task of the day. The fact that he was a parent of a former pupil of mine when I worked in Secondary Education, who is now reading Geography at University, made the morning even more unique, and certainly made me feel rather old!

From there I prepared an assembly for our boys on the European Union voting results. Some of our older year groups have spent time discussing this in their PSHE and News Diary lessons. The main emphasis of my talk was to reassure the boys that although we have now left the EU, we are still part of, and very much in a community with our European friends and colleagues. We made a list in assembly of the things we love about Europe and the things that we will continue to share. As you might guess, top items on the list included Pizza, Lego, Eurovision song contests and Paella (with or without chorizo!) The Ryder Cup was also mentioned in dispatches!! The boys really enjoyed the discussion and I intend to speak with them next week about the things that Great Britain shares with our close neighbours.

Back to my morning, two swimming galas, two sets of visitors to the school, Reception preparation for their ice cream afternoon (which I chose to get involved with!), and the small matter of the Summer Fete preparations. One thing my role as Headteacher allows me to do is to celebrate lots of your sons' wonderful achievements , and it is something that is not only a responsibility, it is also a huge privilege. Boring is not a word you would ever use to describe teaching!!

My colleagues have written some words to inform you of individual and team successes in our school, please take time to read some of the many achievements. And I would like to thank the many of you who commented so positively about our recent picture galleries - we do everything we can to bring the boys school day to you images. I intend to start putting more of our Artwork on display both around the school and in our bulletins, so keep your eyes peeled for our next budding Picasso.

I hope to see many of you at the Fete tomorrow and at the School Sports Day on Thursday. Both the PTA and Sports Department have been spotted doing their ‘Sun Dance’ so that we can have some kind weather!

I hope you enjoy the weekend and I look forward to seeing you in school at one of our upcoming events.

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