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Mr Richards' Words Week 4

Monday morning’s mirth at the Mezzanine was caused by a rather bizarrely dressed meet and greet team. There must be a punchline to the beginning of a joke, ‘What did the strawberry say to the banana and the carrot…’. well done Mrs Carter for making the boys think all week regarding their food choices.

On a more serious note at drop off in the morning please could the boys be escorted through the car park. The weather, visibility and surfaces will not be as helpful as winter arrives.

The amount of smiles and giggles we hear far out number the wobbles and other moments and one could safely conclude that the term has started very positively and that we are providing a stable, considered and thoughtful environment for the boys to enjoy learning and attending school. It is fantastic that Junior Boys does listen to its pupils and a quiet area has now also been established for those who prefer a more peaceful opportunity at breaktime. However, to double check, I asked a number of randomly selected boys across the year groups as they drove past me during car park collection duty, to write me a paragraph or two as extra homework, thank you; Ayden, Eisa, Flynn and Joshua. Here are their unedited responses.

"I like school because I learn about animals and vegetables. I love playing with all my friends. My teachers are really kind."

"I really enjoy school, it makes me feel happy and confident. The lessons are so much fun, my favourite lesson is Maths, especially when it is challenging. I am so glad to be back at school with all my friends."

"I had only just started Junior Boys before lockdown so I was just getting used to everything. I couldn't believe how much I missed my new friends and will always appreciate how hard my teachers worked during homeschool."

"I love being back at school because I get to see all my friends. It's great to be back learning new things, in ICT we are coding which is awesome. I'm finally enjoying football which I never expected. I hope the pool will open soon and fingers crossed clubs will come back to."

"I love being back at school as I can see all my friends and teachers. I really learned to value my friends during the time away. I missed spending time with them, there was no chatting over lunch, no running around at sports, no talking about what we had been up to and no solving problems together." 

"Back at school, it is great seeing our teachers face to face and also doing lots of sport to get fit again. It’s much better being coached by our sports teachers and learning new things with friends rather than doing it at home alone. I really missed my teachers, they are all awesome. Teachers make learning so much more fun than mum and dad did."

"Junior Boys is the best school, it was a brilliant online school in lockdown but it's an even more amazing school now we are all back and learning together.

Other inspiring occasions this week saw this term’s house captains embracing their harvest festival assembly tasks and the year group bubbles being filmed singing in the marquee. A few though had a shiver or two with the announcement of house handwriting!

Next week’s bulb planting extravaganza, weather permitting, on Tuesday 6 October is also rather exciting.  See letter giving details here.  Please do send the boys in with the requisite kit and items if at all possible, even if you have to empty the garden shed to find them please do have a super weekend. 

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