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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Richards' Words Week 5

Tuesday afternoon was a joy to behold and not just because the threatening rain cloud slipped by without yielding its contents upon us. Our bulb planting extravaganza provided plenty of opportunities for collaboration, listening, coordination as well as care and attention. Thank you for providing the numerous array of digging equipment, gloves and bright footwear. The happy boys successfully planted over 2700 bulbs in about two hours and for many it appeared to be a first time experience and a wonderfully calm moment to sit and cultivate both our environment and friendships. Well done everyone. Hopefully the fruits of our labours will bear dividends in the Springtime.

In our Monday assemblies we have been thinking about what shapes us and how we grow, using the example of acorns turning into big oak trees and comparing them to young boys and a lifetime’s journey of discovery, chance and efforts that combine to make us who we are and what we become. This is also a theme of our PSHE topic. Similarly we could use the bulb planting experience and the growth, nourishment and care that needs to occur for the beautiful flowers to emerge. We look at our boys in this way. My colleagues care deeply about their charges and know them well. We know like the flowers, that each boy will emerge and show their true colours, talents and skills at different times. Some mature brightly and burst into early sunshine and face a few threatening frosts whilst others take more time and blossom more securely into constant sunshine. The point being, we are confident that we will create in each a love of learning that will stay with them for life and enable them to contribute and communicate effectively in the world that they will encounter. 

Well done to those who have been practicing their handwriting. I am certainly in the category of could do better and needs to maintain focus!

I look forward to Monday’s harvest assembly, we will share it afterwards, and if you are able to donate a can of food or toiletry or two we can then head off into half term knowing that Junior Boys continues to help others less fortunate to grow.

Have a super weekend.

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