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Mr Richards' Words Week 8

Freedom was one of the words we developed during our Remembrance Service on Wednesday. The boys since half term have in PSHE, assembly and form times been involved in fact finding, reflection and discussion.  This is to make them aware of the past, the present and, hopefully, to guide their future choices as well from a personal level and from a wider perspective. The service was a fittingly solemn occasion but our hopes and hearts were lifted by Ben’s amazingly empathetic solo, a rousing Years 3 to 5 version of ‘I vow to thee my country’ and a thoughtful Year 6 song to help us remember. This term’s house captains also provided some war poetry and learning along with colleagues. Thank you to everyone who stood so respectfully for two minutes. We raised £223.60 for the British Legion with a very enthusiastic wearing of red mufti. Well done everyone.


Wearing red was optional and choice is a huge part of our offer as is listening to our pupils. We have adjusted our bubble spaces recently at lunch break to give the older boys a little more freedom and space to play invasion or more imaginative games. The ‘mindfulness’ terrace is also pleasingly populated during these times. The younger boys were also involved in our new teacher appointments. They created a superb impression and gave us a very honest view. The pre-prep boys were also able to demonstrate their lung capacity and gave Mrs Hine a terrific send off on Thursday. Luckily she will be back for another period before the end of term. 

We all have different ideas and beliefs, talents and skills. Our community is much the richer for that individuality as well as the opportunities to become independent thinkers and also be moulded into a stunning team. We might feel that some of the freedoms we are accustomed to have been reduced for the greater good at the moment and, regardless of our personal viewpoint, I know at Junior Boys we are working strongly as a community to provide freedom of choice, thought provoking ideas and safe discussion.  This is where the British values of respect, tolerance, understanding and democracy are understood and how our boys can communicate these and contribute to our free society now and as they continue to grow up. 

All of our boys have certainly grown up in many ways since our last academic parents’ evening. The School office has emailed a letter to you to book in for English and Mathematics appointments. Your son’s teachers will then add the individual Google Meet reference onto the document. Please do alert form teachers if you would like to make other subject appointments. 

Fortunately I do not have to make class appointments and travelling round the school is always the best part of my day. Over the last little while I have been enthralled and delighted to see the Reception boys enjoying French. Year One absorbed in their mathematical work and understanding. Year 2 developing their adventure stories and soccer skills. Year 3 excitedly enjoying general knowledge quizzes and editing their spooky stories. Year 4 have remembered not to kick away the white pebbles left behind by Hansel and Gretel as they retold this wonderful fairy tale. Egyptian artefacts and the follow up work of ‘what’s behind the shutter’ information sheets were also extremely detailed.  Year 5 were fully immersed ‘in character mode’ during drama. Whilst their Victorian invention research presentations were confidently delivered. Finally I hope the boys in Year6, if they chose to write their formal letters to me, were pleasantly surprised to receive an individual reply. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

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