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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Richards' words summer week 6

Thrills and gasps of amazement echoed across the playing fields as our Reception boys watched intently and then could not contain themselves as the butterflies were released and spread their wings and took to the skies. The Painted Ladies were a beautifully captivating topic for the boys to develop a love of learning. 


Painting or Art in general is always one of the boys’ favourite subjects when we discuss school and it is always a delight to visit the studio on a tour to see them relaxed and enjoying the inspiring creativity whilst developing a full range of skills and talents. Mr Goddard certainly does foster self confidence and belief from every pupil and the selected pieces displayed weekly in our Celebration Assembly bring joy to us all.

I am not sure joy was a word that sprung to mind when the boys realised that it was assessment week but in true Junior Boys spirit they tackled this with determination, were encouraged to do their best and showed their understanding, learning and thinking in a positive environment free of angst or dramas!

Drama is also one of the enriching curriculum subjects we include in our timetable and whilst appearing on stage might reduce me to a bag of nerves, our brave boys embrace and relish the opportunity to express themselves. I know Ms Stay has written and crafted an inclusive script and also encouraged the boys to take ownership of it and adapt it accordingly. This child centred approach has enthused their passion to perform and we are all getting excited as the end of year production of a ‘Claires Court Most Excellent Adventure’ gathers pace. 

Pace or rather speed, along with plenty of effort and sportsmanship, was on display on the field at lunch times this week as a vast number of boys took part in athletic events. They were there to challenge themselves at year group level, trying to just better their times, or just to participate in healthy competition with their friends. Whatever the reason all abilities were welcomed and performances celebrated and all managed to accomplish their goals freely and happily. 

Choice, inclusiveness and happiness is underpinned by the amazing relationships that all my talented colleagues work so hard to develop here. Consequently the boys feel safe to have a go, yes on occasion they might stumble but they always are empowered to bounce back. Being resilient is a part of a strong healthy outlook and I know we create a safe space for our boys.

Care and compassion comes easily to our fantastic nurses and I was delighted to see a cross site cohort of adults updating their knowledge and first aid skills in the Mezzanine under the expert tutelage of Mrs Webster.  

I simply cannot believe that we have hurtled to half term already. Please do have a tremendous week and I know my colleagues deserve a chance to recharge their batteries to guide the boys through an exciting last part of the school year. 

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