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Mr Richards' words summer week 8

Mens sana in corpore sano, is an often used quote from antiquity and our predecessors were certainly not wrong with a lot of their thinking. At Junior Boys there has been a considerable focus on this idea this week.

Mrs Amy Carter has inspired and challenged the whole school to take an acceptable risk by tasting new fruits and vegetables and exploring their own senses to develop their understanding of a healthy diet and how this can help us. Food tasting, relaxing lunch time walks and thought-provoking lessons have all contributed to a healthy curriculum diet. 

Physical exercise requires a balanced and nutritious lunch and it also gives us much inspiration. The athletes who competed brilliantly at Holme Grange on Monday certainly were hungry for success and they came home a little weary but very happy after a long afternoon in the sun. All were definitely inspired by some fantastic performances and a great team spirit. Well done to everyone regardless of your individual placings. Sports Day was also a hot topic on Monday when race selections were being chosen. We look forward to hosting you in a socially distanced manner next Friday (25 June) and hearing the cheers for all athletes echoing round the track once again. Please do not get anxious though as there will not be a parent race this year!

A degree of nervousness and a few butterflies are never a bad emotion to experience and a number of boys have also been mentally stretched this week with participation in a Rotary Mathematics Competition in Year 2 and Year 4. The National Finals of the Quiz Club General Knowledge took place on Thursday with teams from Year 3 and Year 4 qualifying. Both teams secured fabulous third places. Congratulations to you all for entering and putting yourself in the spotlight. Well done to those who have also received fantastic music examination results recently.

A healthy mind however tends to work best if it has not been outside for too long without a sun hat or refreshment in the present pleasant weather conditions. Please bring in a named school hat and water bottle. It was wonderful to see all of Reception, suitably adorned, in their garden exploring the water tray and being thrilled by giant bubble wands on Wednesday.

Magic wands will no doubt be seen soon in Year 3 and Year 4 with their Harry Potter themed day, but it was Alfred the Great who mesmerised Year 3 today with a virtual trip back in time. I wonder if he would have burnt those cakes if he had set up his notifications whilst organising his Google calendar?

Books and a relaxing read also help our mindset. Many genres and authors, and not just JK Rowling, will be available to view next week in our Book Fair. Mrs Flood, our librarian, has sent a letter to explain the selection and payment methods. 

Year 6 are also celebrating National Sports Week by organising free and fun challenges on Tuesday and Thursday in break time, a good way to demonstrate their leadership skills.  

A 'healthy mind in a healthy body’ but there is always an exception to every rule and my body was finding it hard to keep up with the boys in games and after school activities on Monday and Tuesday. Thank goodness there is not a staff race on Friday! Fortunately the effects of sporting injury and age were restored by a very kind and personally encouraging email I received from a parent - thank you!

Regardless of the result of tonight’s big game, do have a wonderful weekend.

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