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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Richards' words summer week 10

Last Friday’s Sports Day is still making me smile warmly. It was such a great event and thank you for the numerous emails and comments about how successful it was.

Junior Boys certainly know how to create a terrific competition, comply within guidelines, celebrate all the boys’ efforts and successes and enjoy coming together as a true community. Well done everyone. For the record Fawley won by one point after all three competitions were added up! I was then lucky enough to attend the Nursery Sports Day event on Tuesday morning. It was an equally impressive occasion full of excitement, joy and impressive coordination from our youngest pupils.  

Upon my return it was fabulous to see all the Year 6 boys and girls stretching and challenging themselves. There were plenty of excited fist pumps as they reached the top of the climbing wall, sighs of relief as they navigated the caving tunnels and whoops of delight as they secured a clay pigeon hit with their laser guns. Mr Hogg claims to have generously allowed boys in 6O to hit more targets! Who knows perhaps one of these children will follow in the footsteps of ex pupil Amber Hill who is shooting for Great Britain in Tokyo at her second Olympics. Why not aim high and dream big! They also had tremendous fun with the warm-up catapult exercises. It certainly was a great start to their Leavers’ Programme and they looked suitably attired in their leavers’ hoodies as well. I know the events planned for next week's Activity week will be equally exciting and I am determined that this group will have as memorable a send-off as possible.

The Year 6 production along with Pre-Prep’s Concert and Leavers’ Assembly are all being worked upon behind the scenes and the boys are excited about showcasing their talents to you in the coming weeks. Please look out for our letter explaining the hoops we have had to jump through as a school and the changes we have had to make to our usual offer in the run up to the end of term. The show, or rather opportunities for the boys must go on, and I am very grateful for my colleagues' forbearance, flexibility and commitment to make sure that these events and the boys' learning and experiences are successful, entertaining and live long in the memory of performers and the limited number of spectators we are allowed. We do really have a can-do attitude.

The boys and girls also demonstrated their wonderful talents and voices, adding plenty of sparkle at the Informal Concert we held on Thursday. Well done to all the musicians and singers who put on a special show for us all to enjoy. Thank you, Mrs Stevenson and all the peripatetic teachers who have encouraged and reconnected over the last little while. If your son is interested in taking up an instrument do contact us to explore the possibility. Similarly, extra chess tuition is available from Mr Tuck who has been providing Year 3 with some introductory sessions over the last half-term.

This half-term has certainly raced by so far, so please have an enjoyable weekend and recharge for the exciting end of term celebrations.

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