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Mrs Kirby's words Autumn week 10

During lunch this week, boys in Year 3 made our hearts soar with their conversation about school in general and thoughtfulness. “I love school because kindness is cool.” We then explored this idea a little further between mouthfuls of delicious soup, chicken caesar wrap and bolognese.  Which do you think is best - giving kindness or receiving it? “Both are equally important as they make you feel great.” The two boys then went off to say a big thank you to the dining room staff for their full stomachs! 

Developing all round citizens is just one part of our role and it is always entwined with our skills based academic offer. The following is a snapshot of some ‘thinking’ inside and outside of the classroom this week at Junior Boys. Year 6 have been studying the Battles of Marathon and Thermopylae in order to better understand ancient Greek battle tactics. The annual reenactment in the Sports Hall is already eagerly anticipated. Heroic effort and the underdog are just two concepts that will be explored.

Year 5 has had a wonderfully varied programme too this week. In Science the boys have been looking at ways to separate mixtures so to separate salt and water, they used evaporation to demonstrate that once the water had evaporated, all that was left was the salt. They have also been considering the Christmas story and making Christmas tree many more sleeps is it until the big day? They also undertook some great practical field work in their Forest School session.

To complement their electricity topic in Science this term, the Year 4 boys enjoyed an Electric LEGO Workshop on Tuesday this week. There was teamwork in abundance as the boys became architects, town planners and electricians and It was fantastic to see them so engaged and working together to build their LEGO city, which they then lit up by creating electrical circuits.

Year 3 has been learning all about how to write an informal letter and began to add and subtract 3-digit numbers using the column method. In Science, they have investigated the amount of sugar in various foods and drinks. During our Topic work pupils have researched Stone Age homes in preparation for their trip to Stonehenge next week.

In English, 2S has been learning about instructional writing. They have ordered instructions, highlighted key features and written their own sets of instructions. They have read and followed instructions to make paper aeroplanes, banana and strawberry smoothies and they finished off today with making their own delicious rocky road.

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