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Mrs Kirby's words Autumn week 11

With Christmas creeping ever closer, and the excitement of Christmas activities in full swing, I was so sad to test positive for Covid 19 this week and find out that I will miss a large chunk of the festivities. I am staying well informed from Mrs King and Mr Richards but I am very much looking forward to getting back and joining in with the fun on Christmas Jumper Day!

Sunday’s Arctic blast allowed Reception to show their flexibility and adaptability or was it because Miss Samios just got over excited with the snow! Regardless of the reason there was an abundance of fun, cold fingers and plenty of learning in the exciting environment.  We saw letter formation in the snow with sticks, vocabulary development describing words associated with the snow and a magical moment of following tracks in the snow which led to rescuing Mrs Hankin.


In Year 1 the boys have been investigating shapes this week. They had to name, describe and identify 2D shapes all about them. They then made 2D shapes out of lolly sticks. 3D shapes were then explored, learning names and how to describe some of their properties. They then made 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and sweets. They did brilliantly!

Shaping the future of the planet was also a lively topic and much time was spent thinking about the damage household waste has on the environment. The boys made their own robot toys out of recycled materials.

Year 2 have been hard at work practising their lines and acting skills in preparation for performing their Nativity to parents next week. However, that does not mean the curriculum has stopped! In their topic work, they have been learning about the differences between human and physical features and seeing which features in their local environment fit into each category. They have been designing their own islands to include a selection of both physical and human features and giving reasons for their choices. They certainly look like great destinations for a holiday!


Year 3 visited Stonehenge on Thursday for a slightly early winter solstice and awareness of life during the Stone Age period. They visited the information packed exhibition and then explored the site and learnt about the different stones and building techniques that were used, and how the monument relates to the solstice alignment. We even made sure we had time to visit the gift shop. The boys were very excited to be visiting this historic landmark and they all behaved fantastically. 

What a fantastic rugby season our Year 4 pupils have had! They have all learned a huge amount and have developed as rugby players and have always shown great sportsmanship. The U9ABC teams have collectively played 38 matches, winning 30, drawing 3 and losing just 4 games all season! In class they have really enjoyed learning about Tutankhamun in preparation for writing a newspaper report about his discovery. They have shown a keen interest in designing and making switches for their Science electricity topic. 



Year 5 visited Reading Museum on Thursday to step into the shoes of a Victorian child and experience what it felt like to learn in a Victorian school. They also joined a workshop to discover how the famous biscuit manufacturer Huntley & Palmer changed the town of Reading during the Victorian times.

They have also been looking at resilience and looked at different scenarios throughout the week. The Victorian ‘Dunce's Cap’ is certainly not a positive method to develop resilience!

The Year 6 boys have been working hard on their decoding of text to insert missing punctuation and speech marks. They have all worked very hard at deciphering the text and have done lots of role plays to cement their learning. The boys also had their final game of the rugby season against St John's Beaumont. It was a great afternoon of rugby that saw all the boys doing Claires Court proud. They have had a very successful season including their sports tour. Well done to all the boys. A number of boys and girls represented us in a mixed Year 6 football team on Thursday with much fun had throughout the day. Well done everyone.

All the boys have enjoyed making their Christmas decorations for the tree Competition at St. Lukes as well!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend


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