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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mrs Kirby's Words Summer Week 2

Summer is definitely here and talk of a heatwave next week is very exciting -I think we deserve it!  The sounds of bat on ball and excited ‘catch it’ calls can be heard drifting across the sports fields.

We are very fortunate to have such superb sports facilities and space for all ages and talents to participate, compete, enjoy, make progress and above all have fun. The older years have also benefited from the new squares and artificial wicket that have been provided on our external grounds. Please join us on the boundary edge and make our community bonds even stronger. Mrs Downing’s cream teas are also an added attraction! 

We have been thrilled with another step towards normality with the return of parents onto the playground. A quick conversation here and there is always so enormously helpful and reassuring for all concerned. We also look forward to seeing many of you at the Parental Workshops next Thursday at our Junior Girls site. If you haven’t booked on but would like to, please fill in the form here.

‘Choice’ was our theme of the assembly this week. Some can be easy, some make us nervous whilst others can create a dilemma. Hopefully the boys will take their responsibility with this on board and also continue to set themselves realistic targets and be determined to achieve them. The range of opportunities here to develop the whole child, whilst allowing them to be comfortable in their own skins, is staggering and our visitors on Open Day were bowled over by the boys’ manners, unassuming confidence and pride in their school. 

Plenty of the boys have made wonderful choices and picked one or more of the 48 different activity options that are available before, during and after school. It was great to see the enthusiasm from all involved this week. Please remember a snack can be eaten before these extra curricular sessions but please make a healthy choice and remember no nuts, sweets or fizzy drinks.

Year 2 ventured off site on Thursday to commence our extensive day visit and residential programme. A different voice, real interactive experiences and the fun can never truly be replicated. They were captivated and thrilled by their trip to the ‘World's busiest wildlife hospital’. Tiggywinkles in Haddenham provided a great spur to their learning.

On Thursday, Mr Richards (the other one!) Head of Senior Girls came to talk to the boys in Year 5 & 6 about British Values and the way in which they should behave. The talk was inspiring and so valuable, and the boys were incredibly thoughtful, respectful and reflective; hopefully they have spoken to you about it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Kirby

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