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Mr Spanswick's Words Lent 5

I took a very courageous educational step this week - I decided it was time to introduce ‘Politics’ into our assemblies, and this topic will take place over a 2 week period. While aspects of ‘Democracy’ and ‘Government’ are covered in our PSHEE programme, and we have touched on issues like Brexit and the new US President, we have not had a chance to discuss this in detail as a whole school this academic year…...until now!

At the start of the week the boys got a chance to consider what the government actually does (which is harder to answer than you might think!), and this morning we evaluated the concept of ‘Tax’. From my perspective, trying to deliver an interactive presentation that is as relevant to Reception boys as it is to Year 6 boys is a bit of a challenge…..but I hope they now have an idea of how organisations such as the NHS and the DFE get their money! Next week, we are going to have a school referendum……! Watch this space!

I must start start my recognition list by congratulating the boys who were selected to represent the school in the Regional ISA cross country championships today, and the boys who competed so bravely in the Under 10/11 Berkhamsted swimming competition. They all performed extremely well and special mention must go to the Year 4 cross country team who won the overall school competition, with Hugo Winter leading his team and finishing in second place, closely followed by Freddie Galitzine Scott in 5th and William Dart in 7th. More information can read in the news items at the bottom of the Bulletin.

 Creative Writing remains one of our strongest academic areas, although the way our boys are finding their confidence and resilience through challenging problem solving work in Maths is now hot on the trail! Indeed, hearing some boys ‘high fiving’ on Thursday as they had just been set ‘exploratory’ Maths homework was very refreshing!

Names brought to me this week who have impressed staff with their manners, their general ‘best self’ and ‘above and beyond’ behaviour are Jamie Shepherd, Finn Keylock, George Crowe, Gabe Cooper, Jonah Stevens and Nyle Cohen. I value these qualities in school so highly, and I firmly believe that boys who share this sentiment have such a good outlook on their school life. I am always proud when I hear as I did on Thursday at the swimming competition, that many parents and teachers from other schools complimented my staff on the outstanding behaviour of our boys. They have that lovely balance of enjoyment, comfort in their surroundings, respect for others and integrity. I am currently writing a paper on how such qualities have a direct impact on Academic, the Arts and Sporting success. Just as importantly, it is how your sons can have a positive impact on the community that surrounds them. These ideals are the basis of my theme for this calendar year for the school, and ones which I will be referring back to on occasion.

It is going to be a busy weekend again, not just because of the start of the Six Nations rugby championships, but also as our boys are in action! Good luck to our chess players and footballers who are battling against others schools tomorrow, and I hope to update you on their efforts next week.

There is an important note below these words which I would ask for you to consider. They are related to the collection of boys at the end of the school day. Please do read it. Many thanks.

I hope you all enjoy a super weekend - as you know I am not a betting man, but my prediction is a 20 point win for England against France…...we will see!!

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