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Weekly Words from Mr Richards

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mr Richards of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk and previous word's from former Head Mrs Heywood.

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  • Mr Richards' words Lent week 2

    Published 15/01/21, by Mike Morrissey

    I am delighted with the way both staff and students have adapted to online learning.

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  • Mr Richards' words Lent week 1

    Published 08/01/21, by Mike Morrissey

    We all knew it was coming, perhaps not this soon, but we knew it was coming. The adjustments we made to the timetable and the numerous opportunities to practise online teaching and learning meant that we were ready for it, but we do miss the buzz of the school.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 12

    Published 11/12/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Well, we made it! This is the final bulletin of 2020 and I think we can all agree that it will be good to see the back of this year and look forward to the rest of the roaring 20s. 

    When I was talking to a group of our Year 10 pupils today, I began with how difficult the year had been but I was immediately corrected by one pupil who told me that it had been fine and to look at the positives. She said she felt so lucky to be able to come into school every day since September, she felt she was ahead in her courses because of how much both she and her teachers had done during lockdown and everyone she knew was healthy and well. She went on to tell me how even when her friends had to isolate here, they still logged into their lessons in real time and did not miss out. I know this is not the case for all of us, but this little conversation served as an important reminder for me. We are in a privileged position here and seeing in a new year is as much about celebrating and appreciating the present as it is looking forward to the future.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 1

    Published 04/12/20, by Nicola Robinson

    I always find that the start of advent brings a renewed sense of hope and optimism; it won’t be long before the days start getting longer, daffodils start springing up and we can go out with all our friends and family again.  Advent teaches us the importance of waiting. The nice thing about the wait during advent is that we know exactly when it will end. The window on the calendar, the candle in church or chocolate reward we get every day is a countdown to the 25th and celebrations at Christmas. The hardest thing about waiting is not knowing when the wait will end. We all know the wait for the Covid crisis to end has been tough but with the recent news we can begin to see the end of that wait and all the excitement that brings. 

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 10

    Published 27/11/20, by Nicola Robinson

    A phrase that has always stuck with me is E+R=O: events + your reaction = the outcome. As the brave new world continues to throw new challenges our way, it is our reaction to these challenges that determines the outcome for us. Our pupils have been exceptionally resilient, our staff incredibly adaptable and our parent community constantly supportive. 

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 9

    Published 20/11/20, by Nicola Robinson

    One of the many pleasures of leading our school is watching our pupil leaders excel in their positions. The week began with listening to Year 11 tell us about the importance of clear water and sanitation in the developing world. They taught us about the work of the toilet twinning charity in ensuring that everybody has access to basic sanitation and the particular impact this has on girls in the developing world. Watch this space and read more here for ongoing work with this charity.  It is also really nice to watch the Year 11 house captains run such an efficient lunch queue system; they have really grown into their roles at the top of the school and they prove to be great role models to the younger pupils.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 8

    Published 13/11/20, by Nicola Robinson

    This week we have had a focus on remembrance. Mrs Bullough treated us to a fantastic assembly on the needless waste of life through the entirety of the First World War but particularly in the final days. She turned on her Radio 4 prose for us and set a perfect tone for the week. We then remembered the fallen with our two minute silence on the field that is quickly becoming a tradition at school. Our Head Girl, Sophie Carter read the names of the ex pupils of Maidenhead college who fell during the conflict and Mr Gravett played the last post. On such a still autumnal morning, both the sound of the trumpet and the sound of silence that followed echoed through campus. It was a truly moving moment that highlighted the importance of stopping to remember those who sacrificed so much so we could live the lives we live today. Senior Girls also raised £200 for the poppy appeal that will help the Royal British Legion with their great work in supporting the armed forces community. 


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  • Mr Richards Words Week 7

    Published 06/11/20, by Nicola Robinson

    It is so nice to be back at school. Whilst the rest of the country is under tighter restrictions, we have been able to carry on with education, which brings a sense of normality during the day.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 6

    Published 16/10/20, by Nicola Robinson

    We all know that we have the best pupils and the best parents of any school but we also have great staff.  My 9 year old boy taught me a new phrase in the young person gaming vernacular recently - OP - meaning ‘OverPowered’.  I understood this verb to mean ‘overwhelm, defeat or overcome’ but when I asked him what context I should use this phrase, he described an adjective; ‘when something is beyond awesome’. Well, I wanted to use this week’s bulletin to highlight how ‘OP’ our staff have been throughout all of this (verb and adjective). 

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 5

    Published 09/10/20, by Nicola Robinson

    When I was living abroad, a very good friend of mine had a saying that has always stuck with me - when it gets dark, look for the light. Ms Ruddick sent this picture of the field around on Tuesday and I think it sums up where we are at the moment. There is certainly a bit of a patchy outlook but there is plenty to celebrate, plenty to be proud of and plenty of light.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 4

    Published 02/10/20, by Nicola Robinson

    We are running into the ‘grind weeks’ of the academic year; the nights are drawing in and it is more important than ever that we go at each day with the right attitude; focusing on Ren, believing in ourselves and making the most of all the opportunities that come our way. 

    As Covid precautions begin to tighten up in communities up and down the country and we learn that even the President of the USA is not immune (!), I think the thing I miss most are those opportunities to get together with friends and family. For me this was often sport, music, the arts and events. It is such a privilege to work in a school where these are valued so highly. I was so proud of our Head Girl team of Sophie and Scarlett when they spoke so well to prospective parents last week about how their confidence has grown so much because of the opportunities in these areas.

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  • Mr Richards' Words Week 3

    Published 25/09/20, by Nicola Robinson

    It has been another busy week at Claires Court. There continues to be a really positive atmosphere on campus and I am constantly struck by the efforts both staff and pupils are making to keep the school safe and happy in our bubbled world.

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