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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mrs Heywood's Words Lent 10

The Ball committee are busily preparing for the Moulin Rouge Ball on Saturday 12 May. You can reserve your table >>>

I think the theme of this week’s notes should be energy... the energy our PTA put into raising funds for the school and the energy being released by the Junior Girls visiting the G7 Fun Stalls on Monday as part of Charity Week. G9 efforts of raising over £250 with variation of waffles, crepes, milkshakes and smoothies making. G8 running a Netball Shooting Competition and G10 a Fruit Kebabs Bar. The Charity fundraising week would not have the impact that it has had without all of the help from parents, teachers and pupils - it has been a whirl of cakes, sponsored walks, competitions and challenges and I will let you know the final outcome in next couple of weeks.

One of our great assets is the brilliant support you give us - whether that is turning up to concerts and other events, or through the support of the PTA. The AGM was held on Thursday and the officers for September 2018 have now been voted for, and we thank our Senior School Representatives for standing again and Mrs Corley for contributions to the board over the last couple of years. As always the PTA welcome any support or interest from parents. If you feel you have time or you are interested please contact Mrs Anna Taylor-West (  

Thursday morning saw our GCSE Drama pupils perform their Scripted Pieces. The performances were full of remorse, humour, characterisation and energy, and it was marvellous to see the obvious development in skill and sophistication of the performances over the last two years, in particular their interesting view of teachers!

On BBC Report Day a selected group of G8 pupils went into to Maidenhead town centre to record Vox pops. The stories were then edited and uploaded onto the BBC and school website. Thank you to Y13 and Y12 A Level Media Studies students, and Mrs Emily Bell, teacher of Sixth Form Media Studies and Mr Gary Hope, Head of ICT.  

The Music department remain extraordinarily busy and the poise and confidence of our Senior Girls and Boys shone out on Monday evening when we welcomed parents to our Joint Senior Concert.

We have a brand new Bronze Star Award Winner this week, Olivia McKee, which is really encouraging - so please keep encouraging your daughters to read - it has such a  beneficial effect on all aspects of their learning.

We are delighted with the IGCSE English language and Mathematics results where the girls achieved an amazing 47% A or A* in English and 82% of students A to C in Mathematics.

Please do not expect to be able to contact your daughter, or for her to make contact with you during school hours via her mobile phone or other device. This includes the sending of text messages between 08.45 and 16.00. The school office will ensure any necessary communication from you is passed to your daughter, and will also ensure that she can contact you during the school day should it be necessary.

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