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Mr Richards' Words Week 4

We are running into the ‘grind weeks’ of the academic year; the nights are drawing in and it is more important than ever that we go at each day with the right attitude; focusing on Ren, believing in ourselves and making the most of all the opportunities that come our way. 

As Covid precautions begin to tighten up in communities up and down the country and we learn that even the President of the USA is not immune (!), I think the thing I miss most are those opportunities to get together with friends and family. For me this was often sport, music, the arts and events. It is such a privilege to work in a school where these are valued so highly. I was so proud of our Head Girl team of Sophie and Scarlett when they spoke so well to prospective parents last week about how their confidence has grown so much because of the opportunities in these areas.

I was thinking about the 2012 Olympics recently. The quality of the sport, the atmosphere at the venues and the inspiring ‘gamesmaker’ volunteers brought the nation together and there was a genuine sense of national pride and consensus. We all agreed that it was a good thing that Jessica Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah won gold and that GB can play football together. Venues were packed, people were happy and there was a clear plan for the future of each stadium (sorry West Ham). When the government looked to show the best of Britain during the opening ceremony, they called upon music, the arts and events industries and the result was remarkable.  

The school will continue to place a very high value on providing as many opportunities in these areas because we know that community and opportunities for a 2012 type consensus will be even more important in the post Covid world. Until then, stay safe, wash your hands and good luck to Year 11 in their mocks next week. They will of course be fine because they have worked hard, they have been taught well and they are great people. 

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