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Mr Richards' Words Week 6

We all know that we have the best pupils and the best parents of any school but we also have great staff.  My 9 year old boy taught me a new phrase in the young person gaming vernacular recently - OP - meaning ‘OverPowered’.  I understood this verb to mean ‘overwhelm, defeat or overcome’ but when I asked him what context I should use this phrase, he described an adjective; ‘when something is beyond awesome’. Well, I wanted to use this week’s bulletin to highlight how ‘OP’ our staff have been throughout all of this (verb and adjective). 

Our Year 11 have finished their first round of mocks and the early signs are that they have done exceptionally well. This is a result of the effective way staff delivered and pupils engaged with their online lessons throughout lockdown, combined with their outstanding attitude to learning this term. 

We have asked staff to work in a completely different way, to keep the pupils as safe as possible. They have stoically carried text books and various lesson paraphernalia from class to class to ensure the pupils continue to have the best experience possible. Thanks to their pioneering and ‘can do’ spirit, they have delivered lessons from home to our pupils in school when they have had to self isolate. They have also piloted making their lessons available through the live classroom to pupils who have had to self isolate. There is of course still work to do but, in short, they have been ‘OP’ and I would like to thank them for their work.

We all know that Covid is not the only show in town and it was wonderful to celebrate somebody who is the actual embodiment of ‘OP’, Ophelia Pedley (Year 10). She wanted to do something to support young people going through cancer treatments. She has had a pretty substantial haircut and donated it all to The Little Princess charity who make real hair wigs for young people who have lost their hair during their treatment. Well done Ophelia, this is a truly selfless act and we are very proud of you. 

Please enjoy your ‘circuit break’ and take the opportunity to rest, recharge and be ready to hit the next term with the passion, enthusiasm and joie de vivre that we will need to roll through the ever changing demands the epidemic places upon us. I am sure we will all come back OverPowered.

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