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Mr Richards' Words Week 10

A phrase that has always stuck with me is E+R=O: events + your reaction = the outcome. As the brave new world continues to throw new challenges our way, it is our reaction to these challenges that determines the outcome for us. Our pupils have been exceptionally resilient, our staff incredibly adaptable and our parent community constantly supportive. 

It has been another busy week here at Senior Girls. We have adapted well the tougher restrictions outside of school and when the inevitable isolations hit us this time last week we were ready. It has been great to see virtual pupils dropping into their lessons, asking questions and working hard at home whilst the rest of the school has been physically here. Again, I must point out how great the staff have been at adapting to this totally new way of working. It has not been easy for them to teach in this way but I am very proud of their efforts; they really do care and want our pupils to gain as much as possible from their time in school and in isolation. Thank you to all senior girls staff. 

As we have adjusted the PE curriculum this term and football has taken the place of netball and hockey, it has been an absolute pleasure to watch the pupils get fully immersed in some very competitive games of football. It has also been interesting to see how many of them come out and play at lunch times. This is yet another example of how our school makes the most of the challenges we are presented with. 

As we roll into advent next week, we should remember that we need to stay safe, look after each other and make the most of the time we have.

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