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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Richards' words Lent week 2

I am delighted with the way both staff and students have adapted to online learning.

It has been a pleasure to see students much more engaged with the online platforms but it is important we all look after our mental and physical health along the way. So, a big thank you to Ms Gutteridge for organising the staff vs pupils combined fitness challenge. In a bid to make sure we stay healthy and burn off those multiple fridge raiding visits, our PE department has set up a challenge to see who can rack up the most Kilometers each week; whether it be a walk, run, cycle, indoor cycle or a row, every KM counts. Staff are winning, (560km vs 460km), this surely cannot continue, so please encourage your young person to clock up some Ks this week. 

We all know that willpower is finite and we must preserve this precious resource by building habits. There have been numerous studies into how long it takes to form new habits and the results vary from between 18 days to eight months.

However, they all agree that building a new habit is a long term commitment and missing the odd commitment does not matter as it is not an all or nothing process. I hope we are all able to take this time to build new positive habits and come back to normality stronger and ready for what will be an exciting future for us all. 

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