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Mr Richards' words Lent week 11

One of the many wonderful things about being a teacher is that the job offers lots of opportunities for renewal. At the end of term we all look back and reflect on what was, and plan for what will be better. This has been the most turbulent of terms but the stoic nature of our community means we have taken it, got through it and continued to improve. 

We have long been supporters of Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset. The power of the word ‘yet’ is something we try to weave through everything we do. Whilst I might find my guitar lessons very difficult and I am not very good at it ‘yet’, I do take a lot from the learning process. I know I am not going to be very good at drill when I receive my CCF training in May but I will do my best to get better. We should all remember that life is about the journey and stories we gather along the way, not the destination. I cannot wait to have some friends over in the garden next week and begin to build a new set of stories in the (hopefully) post lockdown world. Things have been difficult for all of us at points this term but I know this will bring us closer together and make our community stronger. We have missed you though, so we are busy planning lots of opportunities to come together after 21 June. Mr Gravett’s festival on the field will (hopefully) be making a welcomed return in July, and Activities Week has also been given a cautious green light.

One of the key events in the term is the celebration assembly, we changed the format at Christmas and we received some very good feedback. We plan to run this in the same way again this term. We will invite parents to join us remotely to celebrate the achievements of our wonderful school throughout this Lent term. Please keep your eye out for an email from Ms Phipps with an invitation to join us. We will be monitoring names of attendees closely, so if possible, please join with a screen name similar to your young person, this will help our ‘door woman’, Ms Cox. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all virtually on Tuesday and I hope the sun shines on us so we can all enjoy spending time with five friends in the gardens of the home counties. 

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