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Claires Court Maidenhead

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Mr Richards' words summer week 3

 I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend. Back to the written word for me this week, I am not really a vlogger, so thank you for enduring my previous posts. 

We have had another busy week at school with Year 11s deep in their assessment window to provide evidence for their Centre Assessed Grades. We are all very proud of the mature and stoic way you have been approaching your studies during this very difficult time. We are all looking forward to this period passing (and it will pass) but you will have the most amazing summer holiday - I promise. 

Year 10 have begun their Claires Court study skills programme this morning with Mrs Thomas, who was working on memory strategies with them. This programme will continue throughout the term. Year 9 were out and about in various costumes filming their music videos this week too. It was so nice to see the varied and interesting things our students are doing in their lessons. 

We also welcomed Year 5 into senior school for their taster day today. We structured the day around World War II spy missions. They had a History lesson on famous female spies, a Drama lesson with Mr Bennett developing cover stories and characters, some very eventful explosives training with Mrs WIlliams, some drill and team building with our Cadet Force drill sergeant and decoding with our Maths department. We are delighted to show off the excellent staff and great atmosphere at Senior Girls. 

Finally, Mr Wilding gave me a leadership book to read, and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Quite why he felt he needed to give me a leadership book is something I am trying not to worry too much about, but I thought I would share an insightful passage. It covered the Stockdale Paradox, named after the American survivor of a Vietnamese POW camp. He was asked how he was able to come through such a difficult situation intact mentally and what made the difference between those who came through relatively unscathed and those who really struggled. He said 'you must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end - which you can never afford to lose - with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they may be'. I think this is a good thought for the weekend. We should all try to keep the faith but not ignore the reality that things remain difficult for lots of people. 

Have a great weekend and we will look forward to the challenges that next week brings. 

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