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Mr Richards' words summer week 9

It is world wellbeing week this week and this has been an important reminder to us all to, in the infamous words of Jerry Springer, make sure we look after ourselves and each other. 

Year 9 and Year 10 had assemblies on staying safe online and developing healthy relationships. We cannot ignore the Ofsted report into the normalisation of online harassment. We want to make sure our young people grow up in a world where they feel safe and supported. We will therefore continue to work as hard as we can to make this a reality. We will make sure students are listened to and we act upon concerns when they are raised.

According to Harvard’s longest study of happiness, it is strong relationships that are the clearest predictor of happiness in later life. These healthy relationships also help us live longer and better lives. Numerous studies have revealed that, whilst it might not always seem like it, spending time with families and friends causes oxytocin release, lowers blood pressure and decreases stress. This social connection that is vital for our wellbeing also includes our local community, work and other social groups. Humans need this connection and I think we have all learnt that we cannot really replicate this online.

I hope the students were able to take on board the importance of developing relationships in real life. If you need any further information regarding staying safe online, net aware is the best place to start. 

Please enjoy the weekend; best of luck to Wales tomorrow and we will see what England v Germany brings on Tuesday.

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