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Mr Richards' words Autumn week 7

Happy New Year everyone! As I write this on Thursday 4 November, we are celebrating Diwali. This is a chance for certain religious communities to come together, share gifts and look ahead. For many, the festival of Diwali signifies the start of a new year. With this new year (or half term) comes a new focus on what is important and pledges/commitments as to how we will get there.

With so many commitments being made at the COP26 sumit this week, we have seen pledge after pledge, as the governments of the world attempt to prevent a climate catastrophe that is already unfolding in many parts of the world. 

We also held our Year 11 parents’ evening last night and it was wonderful to welcome everyone onto site in our new format. We were reminded of the excellent relationship between staff and students, as teachers talked about current attainment and offered encouragement to get to the higher grades. Just like the world’s leaders, numerous commitments were made by staff and our Year 11s; the challenge now is to see those commitments through. 

Hindu teaching breaks down commitment into three types. Those people who have unbreakable determination and will carry through with pledges regardless of the difficulties or distractions that may be thrown up. The second group of people are those who will see commitments through as long as it suits them or is convenient. The final group are those people who say all of the right things but the promises are empty and only a mirage. The challenge for all of us, from Year 7 through to President Xi, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, is to back up our pledges of commitment with actions and results, so they are not just boasting and bluster. 

So, Happy Diwali everybody, the evenings will close in and days will become shorter but we must remind ourselves of the light and our commitments to keep going, even when things get difficult. 

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